A Guide to Hapa Zome

For those that love the colours of autumn, Hapa Zome is the perfect way to capture the season in time.

Using fallen leaves, the traditional Japanese technique involves hammering plants onto fabric or paper to create a wall hanging or pennant.

Here, local artist Rebecca Struthers, who is set to host Hapa Zome workshops in Chapelton on Saturday 14 October, provides a helpful guide on how to make the most of Hapa Zome this autumn. 

Hapa Zome is a Japanese word meaning ‘leaf dye’ and is given to the process of transferring the natural pigments from leaves and flowers onto fabric or paper to create a botanical image. The activity is incredibly relaxing and very simple, making it of interest to people of all ages and abilities.

Step One

Choose your selection of leaves or flowers. The best floral to use are those with bright colours and juicy petals or leaves.

Next, lay a piece of fabric or cloth flat onto a surface and arrange your selection of plants into a design of your choice. Once you are happy with the design, cover it with paper or another piece of thin fabric.

Step Two

Using a hammer or a rounded pebble, bash where the plants lay. Keep hammering across your design in a methodical way to produce the best results.

Once you’re finished, peel off the top layer. Your leaves and flowers will resemble a bit of a mushy mess but don’t worry – once you peel off the foliage your design print will be revealed. You can keep adding new leaves or petals to your image by repeating the process.

Step Three

When you’re happy with your image you can then iron the design. The steam will help set the colours and prevent them from fading.

You can then use your fabric or paper any way you choose, either kept intact as artwork or divided to use in other craft projects.

To book your space at the Hapa Zome workshop for kids or autumnal Hapa Zome workshop, visit www.beestruthers.com 

Get Cosy with Hygge this Autumn

The leaves are beginning to fall and the nights are darkening meaning that autumn is almost here.

For many this is an exciting time of year, full of nights by the fire, cups of hot chocolate and woodland walks amongst colours of burnt orange and deep red.

Providing plenty of cosy inspiration is the popular Danish trend of hygge. Pronounced “hoo-guh’, the term has no direct translation into English but does derive from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term hugga which means to ‘comfort’ or to ‘console’ and is related to the English word ‘hug’.

Embracing the trend, Chapelton has provided the ultimate hygge checklist helping you to make your home cosy this autumn.

Create a Cosy Snug

One of the first rules in the Hygge book is to get cosy. Create a warm and comfortable spot in your home that can be enjoyed with family and friends, or just yourself.

This is often a corner of a living room or nook of a bedroom where layers of cushions and throws can be added to create a retreat of peace and quiet. Snuggle in with a good book, cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a little time away from everyday life.

Light More Candles

The Danes light more candles per head than anywhere else in Europe, according to Culture Trip. The warm glow of simple candles create a cosy and intimate atmosphere that helps the eyes relax from artificial lighting and the mind switch-off.

Dim any lighting in your living room or bedroom and add plenty of white, unscented candles to your hygge snug.

Get Rid of Clutter

Organisation is a key element for feeling relaxed and banishing clutter is one of the best ways to start.

Embrace hygge by investing in clever storage solutions that hide unwanted mess such as clothing, paperwork or stationery to create a serene space that you’ll want to enjoy.

Enjoy Treasured Memories

Hygge is all about an environment full of happiness. Add token yet creative displays of family pictures to your hygge space to remind you of happy times.

These can be small prints and paintings, photographs or memorabilia displayed in a simple yet effective way.


We would love to know what other tips and tricks that you would like to see on the Chapelton blog. Comment here or on the Chapelton Facebook page to tell us. 

New Calendar of Events Launches in Chapelton

A calendar of events has launched offering both Chapelton residents and those from neighbouring areas the chance to try their hand at a new activity.

Run in partnership with local businesses and themed to suit a variety of interests and ages, the first of the events include:

Hapa Zome Workshop for Kids with Bee Struthers Fine Art

Saturday 14 October, 10am – 11:30am

The Cabin, Chapelton

This is an opportunity for children to enjoy a different form of arts and crafts using the traditional Japanese technique of Hapa Zome. With the help of local artist Bee Struthers, children will be able to select their leaves before hammering onto paper or fabric to create an autumnal collage ready to take home.

All materials will be provided and children must be aged three years and above and accompanied by an adult. There are limited spaces for this event and booking in advance is recommended.

Cost: £6 per child (includes adult supervision)

Autumnal Hapa Zome Workshop with Bee Struthers Fine Art

Saturday 14 October, 1pm – 3pm

The Cabin, Chapelton

Learn the Japanese art of Hapa Zome with artist Bee Struthers. Using fallen leaves, attendees will have the opportunity to practice the traditional Japanese technique of hammering plants onto paper or fabric to create an autumnal wall hanging or pennant ready to take home.

All materials will be provided. There are limited spaces for this event and booking in advance is recommended.

Cost: £15 per person (aged 16 or over only)

Children’s Chocolate Creation Workshop with Cocoa Ooze

Saturday 11 November, 10:30am – 12pm

The Cabin, Chapelton

Let the little ones get messy with Chapelton’s chocolate creation workshop. Hosted in partnership with popular chocolatier Cocoa Ooze, the event will offer children the chance to make their own personalized chocolate bar, marshmallow goodies and chocolate lollipops to take home and share with friends and family.

All materials will be provided. There are limited spaces for this event and booking in advance is recommended.

Cost: £15 per child

Festive Wreath Decorating with Kim Dalglish

Saturday 02 December, 2pm – 4pm

ZeroC Showhome, Chapelton

Get in the festive spirit with this wreath decorating class with popular florist Kim Dalglish. Whether you’re a beginner or a horticulture expert, the workshop will offer the chance to make the perfect hanging wreath which can be taken home to fill your house with Christmas cheer.

All materials will be provided including a pre-made wreath which can be decorated with festive accessories.

Cost: £30 per person

Visit the Chapelton Facebook page for more information about how to book your space at one of the events.

Chapelton Bike Ride Success

The Chapelton Bike Ride returned for its second year on Sunday 3rd September and was a great success raising over £6,300 of much needed funds for local charity North East Sensory Services (NESS).

More than 250 people completed the bike ride and walking challenges with many others joining the celebrations of the events. Participants also enjoyed plenty of great food, art and craft stalls and live entertainment.

The teams at Chapelton and NESS would like to thank everyone who took part, volunteered or donated and we look forward to welcoming you all again for another great event next year.