Celebrating International Women’s Day in Chapelton

Karyn and Fiona, The Omnia

Here in Chapelton, the community is filled with amazing women doing amazing things. From donating time to great local causes and leading community groups, to looking after their own families and running businesses, there’s an abundance of women that we celebrate and support.

As part of our focus on the local people and businesses in Chapelton, we’re shining the spotlight on Karyn Werninck and Fiona Joss who own The Omnia at The Boxes @ Chapelton – a boutique store that boasts homeware and gifts to compliment any home.

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Happy International Women’s Day! Tell us a bit about yourself:

Fiona: I’m a mum of two young girls and have a passion for everything related to interior design. Before I had my two daughters I worked as in-house graphic designer for oil and gas companies in Aberdeen. This was the beginning of my love for design.

Karyn: I live in Chapelton with my husband and two children. I worked in an accountancy for over 15 years before deciding to change direction.

What was your journey to starting The Omnia? What gave you the idea?

Fiona: After graduating from the Interior Designer’s Business School, the opportunity arose shortly afterwards to have one of the Boxes @ Chapelton. I jumped at the chance to own a business where I would sell home-wares and gift ideas to compliment any home. I wanted to share my passion for interiors and open a shop where people could come and pick up a beautiful ornament, set of cushions, a throw or a candle to add to their home or to a gift to a loved one. The shop also compliments my interior design business, it’s a great match.

Karyn: Like many others, the pandemic made me re-evaluate my path and career goals in life. When the opportunity presented itself to partner with Fiona in The Omnia, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I have always had a love for home décor and home fragrances, and working in Chapelton, as well as living here, is just a dream come true.

What inspires you, both in business and daily life?

Fiona: Social media is full of inspirational women who are hugely successful in business and who juggle family life and fitness too. I do understand some of them have a team to help with these things but I find them inspiring as mothers to young families. They are doing what they love in business and will be an inspiration to their children. I want to inspire my girls by making a success of beginning something, building on it, having faith and watching it grow.

Karyn: Starting a business and changing careers has given me the new challenge and motivation I needed professionally and personally. 

What values or attributes do you think are needed to run a successful business?

Fiona:  Willingness to take chances, complimented by a strong vision of knowing where you want your business to go. A recognisable, strong brand and good marketing is also important. Being passionate and powerful leadership is key to make the business a success.

Karyn: First and foremost, you should be passionate about what you do – it gives you the drive and enthusiasm to succeed. You should have a unique value that sets you apart from competitors and a strong customer focus.

Name three women you find inspiring.

Fiona: The three most inspiring business women for me are Sophie Paterson, Shea McGee and Maria Hatzistefanis. They are all inspirational women who successfully balance family life and business.

Karyn: Susie Ma, Jo Macfarlane and all fellow women business owners in general juggling work and life balance.

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