Celebrating International Women’s Day in Chapelton 2022

Kelly, The Lounge

As part of our International Women’s Day mini-series, we’re excited to share another woman who is doing great things here in Chapelton.

Kelly Daun is the co-founder and co-owner of The Lounge, a hair and beauty salon based in Chapelton that has become increasingly popular since opening in 2016.  

Here, Kelly tells us more about launching her business, the values that she believes help to make it successful and what inspires her.

the-lounge-1024x769 Celebrating International Women’s Day in Chapelton 2022

Happy International Women’s Day! Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m the co-owner of The Lounge in Chapelton, as well as a bridal make-up artist and a busy mum.

Tell us about your experience of running a business in Chapelton.

Chapelton has been a welcoming and lovely place to start a business. We have been here now for just over five years and have grown alongside the town and community.

What was your journey to starting the business in Chapelton? What gave you the idea?

I started my bridal make-up business first, and as I became more busy, I needed to find a permanent home to accommodate my clients.

My partner Norman was also looking for a business to invest in and together we came up with the idea for a salon. We wanted somewhere that was welcoming, relaxing and could offer a full range of services. The business continues to evolve alongside us and the team. We are always developing our skills and investing in new products and services to offer the best for our clients.

What inspires you, both in business and daily life?

My family inspires me, but also my team. They are so passionate about what they do.  

What values or attributes do you think are needed to run a successful business?

Patience, hard work, adaptability, thick skin, passion.

Name three women you find inspiring.

Betty White – she had a no nonsense approach to life.

JK Rowling – she taught me that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

My Mum – for raising three strong women.

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