New homes Aberdeenshire: Everything you need to know

IMG_2481-1024x682-2 New homes Aberdeenshire: Everything you need to know
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Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction to Aberdeenshire 
  2. The benefits of living in Aberdeenshire 
  3. Family-friendly activities in Aberdeenshire
  4. New home building trends in Aberdeenshire 
  5. Tips for first-time buyers in Aberdeenshire
  6. New homes available in Chapelton
  7. An insight into one of Aberdeenshires’ growing communities: Chapelton
  8. What housebuilders are featured at Chapelton?
  9. Find out how our customers have settled into life in Chapelton

Introduction to Aberdeenshire 

Located in the north east of Scotland, Aberdeenshire is home to more than 200,000 people with some of the largest towns including Peterhead, Inverurie, Fraserburgh, Westhill and Stonehaven. Fully independent from Aberdeen city, Aberdeenshire has its own council and borders two separate areas; Angus, Perth and Kinross to the south and the Highlands and Moray to the west. 


With a rich historic heritage, Aberdeenshire is often recognised as Scotland’s castle capital with more than 300 castles and ruins dotted about the local area, in fact, there are more castles per acre than any other part of the UK. 


Alongside its impressive history, Aberdeenshire is also home to some of Scotland’s most breathtaking scenery, from rolling mountains and rich farmland to golden sandy beaches and quaint coastal villages. 

The Cairngorms National Park is one of Aberdeenshire’s prized possessions and is the largest National Park in the UK spanning approximately 4,528km². It is double the size of the Lake District National Park and is actually bigger than the whole of Luxembourg! The park spans across Aberdeenshire, Moray, Highland, Angus, Perth and Kinross and is home to four out of the five tallest mountains in the UK including Ben Macdui, Braeriach, Cairn Toul and Sgor an Lochain. 

Sitting in the heart of Royal Deeside, the picturesque towns of Ballater and Braemar are beautifully framed by the landscape of the Cairngorms National Park with plenty of hiking and mountain biking trails to explore – not to mention the beautiful Balmoral Castle which is the Scottish holiday home of the British royal family. 

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Prior to the discovery and boom of the oil and gas sector, Aberdeenshire economically relied upon primary industries such as agriculture, fishing and forestry to keep the economy afloat. However, with the oil and gas industry beginning to make the transition into cleaner sources of energy, Aberdeenshire is likely to see a shift in the economy. According to data from Nomis, from October 2021- September 2022, the percentage of those economically active within Aberdeenshire sat at 82.1%, with only 3.1% classed as unemployed.

The benefits of living in Aberdeenshire 

It shouldn’t take much to convince you why Aberdeenshire is such a desirable place to call home, from its never ending supply of beautiful walking trails to the high-quality way of life, there’s no surprise why so many people choose to call this magnificent part of Scotland home.

High-quality way of life

A survey conducted by the Bank of Scotland in 2019 showed Aberdeenshire winning the title of the best place to live in Scotland, fighting off its previous competitor, Shetland. The high employment rates, education opportunities and free health care are only a few factors that contribute to Aberdeenshire’s unrivalled quality of life. 

Natural beauty at your doorstep

As previously mentioned, if you love the great outdoors then Aberdeenshire is certainly the place for you! Filled with gleaming lochs, meandering rivers, dense forests, wide stretching countryside, mountains and alluring beaches, Aberdeenshire has something to offer everyone. Whether you enjoy taking a gentle weekend stroll or can’t wait to get stuck into some downhill mountain biking, the incredible scenery never grows old. 

For children, playing outdoors is a large part of childhood and has been directly linked to benefits such as physical, social and emotional growth. What better place to encourage your little ones to embrace the outdoors than Aberdeenshire?

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Family-friendly activities in Aberdeenshire

As a parent, it can be difficult to keep your kids entertained 24/7, particularly during the school holidays. Thankfully, Aberdeenshire is full of fun family-friendly activities, from soft play centres and activity parks to wildlife parks and museums.

For those with children who seem to have a never-ending supply of energy, there are plenty of adrenaline filled activities dotted throughout Aberdeenshire including Deeside Activity Park, Skyline Trampoline Park, Battle Grounds Paintball and Alford Ski Centre – to name a few!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a slightly slower-paced day out then Macduff Aquarium and Doonies Rare Breed Farm, present a fantastic opportunity to teach your little ones about the local sea life and farm animals. Perhaps, you just want to get outside and enjoy a breath of fresh air, luckily you are not short on a choice of beautiful family-friendly walking trails.

As homebuilders and developers look for new and innovative ways to create sustainable and efficient living spaces, several new trends have emerged that are shaping the future of housing in the local region. 

Eco-friendly materials and construction methods

Environmental concerns and sustainability have not only become a hot topic amongst those in the UK but also homebuilders in Aberdeenshire. As a result, there has been a notable shift towards homebuilders focusing on eco-friendly materials such as timber and reclaimed brick.

Energy-efficient homes

Creating homes that are energy efficient is becoming an essential aspect of building new homes in Aberdeenshire as homebuilders are starting to incorporate technologies such as ground source heat pumps, solar panels and advanced insulation materials to help reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. Not only do these features appeal to environmentally conscious buyers but also fall in line with the Scottish government’s stringent requirements surrounding energy efficiency. 
A great example of one of the many homebuilders to adopt more sustainable housing practices is Places for People, which has aligned its operations with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, considering factors such as energy efficiency and space when building.

Open-plan living

Throughout Aberdeenshire, housebuilders are beginning to embrace open-plan living and the benefits it brings to buyers such as creating a sense of spaciousness and fostering a more sociable atmosphere. The flexibility that open-plan living brings is something that is very attractive to buyers, particularly young families or couples who are looking for a home that feels modern and offers plenty of space for social interactions.

Smart home technology

As technology continues to become more advanced, there has been an increase in smart home systems in new homes across Aberdeenshire. One of the major benefits of this new wave of technology is the ability for homeowners to control various aspects of their home from the click of a button on an app or single device, such as heating, lighting and security.

Outdoor living spaces

With an abundance of incredible landscapes and natural surroundings, homeowners in Aberdeenshire tend to value the importance of outdoor living spaces. New homes in the area often feature spacious patios, decking areas or even summer houses that blend both indoor and outdoor living. The beauty of having these outdoor areas is that they can be utilised for whatever you desire, whether that be enjoying delicious food cooked from the BBQ or basking in the summer sun. 

Overall, the new home building trends in Aberdeen reflect a growing emphasis on more sustainability and energy-efficient practices. As Aberdeenshire continues to grow and evolve, these trends are likely to change over time, shaping the future of the housing and construction industry.

Tips for first-time buyers in Aberdeenshire

Purchasing your first home can often feel very daunting, with lots of factors to consider such as location, government schemes, legal fees, deposits and more. To help you with your buying journey, we’ve shared some of our top tips for first-time buyers.


The rising costs of living are something that is being talked about throughout the UK including Aberdeenshire. From the price of fuel to everyday essentials, the increase in these items is making it extremely difficult for people to save money for large investments such as buying a house. However, don’t be put off by this as there are still plenty of ways to start saving money, despite the current economic conditions. 

For those looking to start saving for a house deposit, the first tip is to open a savings account or ISA that you can transfer money into as and when. Being cautious with your money is essential when it comes to saving, and small differences can go a long way. 

The more money you are able to contribute towards your deposit the smaller the size of your mortgage and the less demand placed on lenders.

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Account for any extra fees

As a first-time buyer, the last thing you want is to be blindsided by lots of additional fees, which is why it’s essential to take into account any extra fees that may be incurred prior to the buying process. You want to have saved enough money to not only cover your deposit but also comfortably cover other hidden fees such as conveyancing. 

Keep your eyes peeled for first-time buyer schemes

Not only is it important to stay vigilant when it comes to the local Aberdeenshire property market, but you should also be keeping a close eye on any first-time buyer schemes offered by homebuilders or the government, such as Help to Buy. These schemes are created with the purpose of helping first-time buyers get onto the property ladder. 
If you’re interested in learning more, check out our first-time buyers’ guide to getting on the property ladder or browse the property advice section of our website.

New homes available in Chapelton

The initial masterplan of the Chapelton development includes 4,045 houses alongside associated amenities such as shops, offices, parks and schools. All of these homes will be spread across four neighbourhoods; Cairnhill, Wester Cairnhill, Chapelton town centre and Newhall, with each neighbourhood featuring a diverse range of housing, from large detached family homes to charming one-bedroom flats. 

Cairnhill is the first neighbourhood in Chapelton to expand and is located on a generous 270-acre site close to Newtonhill, offering outstanding sea views which can be appreciated from the high street and park. The initial phase of the neighbourhood started at Hume Square, where 233 houses were built surrounding the area.

There are currently five housebuilders situated at Chapelton, all of which are dedicated to bringing the community to life through its high-quality homes. Every homebuilder has something different to offer prospective buyers, with a multitude of different housetypes and styles available. 
For example, many Snowdrop Development homes are situated on the edge of the Chapelton development on large plots, making them an ideal purchase for buyers looking to upsize. Contrastingly, if you’re a retiree looking to downsize then Brio Retirement’s Landale Court may be the perfect place for you, as the thriving community is located in the heart of Chapelton and features a mix of one and two-bedroom cottages and apartments.

An insight into one of Aberdeenshire’s growing communities: Chapelton

Situated five miles south of Aberdeen, only a short distance from Aberdeen city centre and the neighbouring coastal towns of Newtonhill and Stonehaven, Chapelton is a thriving new community that takes inspiration from other traditional Scottish towns such as Montrose and St. Andrews while also incorporating modern charm.

Designed and built by world leading urban planners, architects and engineers, the task of creating and expanding the town has been led by Elsick Development Company (EDC), with the help of a number of additional stakeholders. 

Surrounded by stunning countryside, abundant green spaces and a growing selection of new homes available, Chapelton appeals to a wide range of buyers, from retirees and young couples to empty nesters and growing families. Meticulous attention has been given to crafting the town, with unique coloured houses lining the streets and a vibrant town square forming the heart of the community. 
Every element of the town has involved the careful consideration of community, from the wide back lines – perfect for hosting street parties – to the plant-filled communal areas – designed for socialising. Chapelton has been designed in a way that makes it easy for neighbours to get to know one another. A testament to this is the Chapelton Community Association, which is a charity formed by a number of trustees, all of which are local residents of Chapelton, who work together to bring fun events and activities to the community.

What housebuilders are featured at Chapelton?

AJC Homes

Situated in Aboyne, AJC Homes is a privately owned housebuilder that offers new high-quality homes throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire – suited to a range of buyers including first-time buyers, retirees, downsizers and growing families.

Places for People

Boasting more than 50 years of experience in the field, Places for People has honed its craft in establishing flourishing local communities across the UK including Aberdeenshire. With developments stretching from Inverness to Devon, the span and knowledge of Places for People is vast. Placemaking is at the core of Places for Peoples operations, with a strong commitment to building sustainable communities for people from all walks of life. 

Brio Retirement Living

Dedicated to helping people live better, Brio Retirement Living is passionate about constructing new communities in sought-after locations throughout the UK. Helping to elevate the quality and experience of later life, Brio Retirement places a strong emphasis on nurturing mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 
Embracing good health, plentiful opportunities and independence, a Brio lifestyle offers the possibility of tailored care if needed. The organisation envisions a retirement living experience that is enjoyable, contemporary and provided with the utmost respect.


Established in 1935, Stephens is a family-owned business based in Perth, boasting more than 80 years of experience in the housing sector. Adhering to the philosophy of ‘insistence on the highest standards’, the company has distinguished a reputation for design excellence, superior craftsmanship and exceptional service. 

Each Stephens home has a signature touch, evident in its well-planned layouts, flawless finishing standards and meticulous attention to detail.

Snowdrop Developments

Snowdrop Developments is an esteemed family-owned business based in St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire, specialising in high-quality developments and bespoke homes that feature natural materials, such as stone, wetdash and case windows. Inside each house, where feasible, the option for vaulted ceilings in the entrance and oak effect doors throughout is available.

Find out how our customers have settled into life in Chapelton

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