Chapelton is conveniently located at the edge of the A90, at the southern gateway to Aberdeen. The town is close to existing bus and rail services as well as regional cycle and pedestrian routes such as the Causeymounth. EDC is committed to ensuring that the new town will have good transport links to Aberdeenshire towns and the Aberdeen city centre.

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Public transport in Chapelton will connect residents to surrounding Aberdeenshire towns as well as the Aberdeen city centre. All the A90 bus services stop now at the Park and Choose facility built for residents of Chapelton and neighbouring Newtonhill. As Chapelton grows, a direct express bus service to Aberdeen will run through the town centre, whilst a town bus service will circulate through the … See more

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Sustainable travel is a key aspiration for Chapelton. The town will offer residents the ability to live and work in close proximity, reducing the need to travel and improving quality of life. Pedestrian routes and cycleways are critical parts of the street network, designed to be convenient and attractive, linking residential streets to mixed-use neighbourhood centres. The street network proposed at Chapelton favours … See more

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The Chapelton masterplan is designed to minimise car use whilst recognising that it will be a part of life. Access routes to and from the town will be improved and developed as Chapelton grows. Specifically, the first stages of Chapelton will require two grade-separated junctions on to the A90, firstly at Newtonhill and later at Bourtreebush. These junctions will alleviate traffic flow and improve … See more

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The Chapelton site is located between Portlethen and Newtonhill, south of Aberdeen. As the town develops, this website will be updated to include directions to the EDC office and Chapelton sales centre, within the first neighbourhood of Cairnhill. Currently, directions indicate the route to The Visitor Centre @ Brae in Hume Square. See more