A community is built from contact and interaction between people of all ages and backgrounds.  Allowing residents to socialise, the Chapelton design offers essential services – such as health provision, schools and leisure facilities – within walking distance and on green corridors. 

The Chapelton Community Interest Company has been set up to manage many aspects of the new town, particularly those beyond the remit of Aberdeenshire Council.  Community events are organised, commercial facilities and green spaces are managed. Directly accountable to residents, the CCIC also has the remit to regulate future development within the community to ensure that purchasers can be sure of the design that they buy into. 

Good education provision is critical to the vision for Chapelton.  A specialist schools architect, Walters & Cohen, was commissioned at the start by EDC to ensure design excellence. Sites for three primary schools and one secondary school have been identified for the first 4045 houses in the town. These schools will be located adjacent to commercial areas, to offer … Read More

Healthcare Aberdeen Health facilities will be a key part of Chapelton. In the early stages of development, they will be housed in retail or commercial units in each neighbourhood centre to ensure accessibility to all residents. Towards completion of the town, it is likely that the GP provision will relocate to a single ‘medical centre’ in the town centre. Dentists … Read More

Chapelton is served by a lively tearoom and Visitor Centre, a beauty and hair salon and a nursery school. More retail and offices are planned around Liddell Place and an allotments area is being designed and will be ready next year. Parks and leisure facilities are central to every phase of Chapelton. Community halls, parks and sports pitches will feature … Read More

A variety of parks have been designed throughout the development and several are already built ranging from the more formal Hume Square, already home to the Bike Ride and other events and boasting cherry trees underplanted with bulbs. The newly created Liddell Park includes the Hut which will become the community building and the first childrens play area. Larger … Read More

Designed to be pedestrian friendly with an open sign free environment and with garages to the rear, there is nevertheless great road links into Aberdeen and to the south. Set between the A90 to the East and the AWPR Fastlink to the West there is a regular bus service. Aberdeen and Dundee buses stop at Chapelton’s Park and Choose and … Read More