Keep positive in January

Three Simple Steps to a Happy January

Keeping positive and proactive in January will lift your mood and increase your motivation, keeping you happy throughout the weeks ahead. The days are still short and you’re not alone if you notice a change in your energy. Don’t let the weather get the better of you. Read our three simple steps to having a happy and healthy January.

Going Out in the Daylight

Keeping active and getting outside is one of the best things you can do to help put the spring back in your step. Getting outdoors in the daylight is great for both your sleep pattern and overall mood, even if it is just for a fifteen-minute walk at lunchtime.

Daily exercise will keep you positive and even releases a happy hormone, serotonin, so it makes you feel great too!

If you can’t quite manage outdoor recreation but you’re a resident in Chapelton, you can benefit from the newly opened onsite gym at Landale Court for just £9.99 per month, which offers daily access to all equipment. You can even book into yoga, mixed circuit and boxing classes, which will all leave you feeling good. Find out if you are eligible to join the Chapelton gym here.

image Three Simple Steps to a Happy January
Onsite gym at Landale Court, Chapelton

If you aren’t a resident of Chapelton but are interested in classes to give you a boost, Paul Hosie Personal Training offers 1-1 training, indoors and outdoors group personal training and fitness classes Monday and Saturday.

Give your Body a Nutritional Boost

Rather than new year’s resolutions, why not set a few goals in January to give your body an extra nutritional boost? Eating five portions of fruit or vegetables a day will help to keep your immune system strong.

Incorporating leafy greens like spinach and broccoli into your everyday cooking can keep you healthy. Research has shown that by eating leafy greens, you can support your heart health and increase your body’s ability to absorb Omega-3s. As a result, you can enjoy an overall mood boost.  

Clementine are an award-winning greengrocer based at The Boxes at Chapelton. Their produce suits all different lifestyles and makes it easy to consume the very best nutrients. 

Plan Ahead and Have Fun  

Having something to look forward to at the beginning of the year will give most people a positive boost, so it’s time to get your 2022 diary out and start planning something to really look forward to. It doesn’t need to be a lavish holiday, it could be a few fun days out with friends and family.

We have an exciting diary of events for 2022 in Chapelton that we will be sharing soon. The Chapelton Farmers Market is held four times a year and offers the public to buy some of the best produce from the North East of Scotland. To keep up to date with our events for 2022, please check the Chapelton Facebook page.

image-1 Three Simple Steps to a Happy January
Caption: Chapelton’s Farmers Market

So, get planning and stay positive as we head into 2022!