Business in Chapelton

The next stages at Chapelton offer plenty of opportunity for businesses, from office to retail and from start-up to large industrial.  If you are searching to start up or grow your business in a popular community with some bespoke existing retail, then please contact us and we can help you to design a property to suit your needs.

Sites for larger businesses, or potential corporate headquarters are being carefully integrated into the plan, along with smaller offices and an industrial park towards Newtonhill.

With a masterplan of 8000 homes, economists have claimed that Chapelton will generate the same number of permanent jobs over the long term. 

The attraction of the setting offers employees a pleasant working environment – and a chance to walk to work – within a close happy community.

The Boxes

The Boxes are Chapelton’s first stage of retail and designed to bring a vibrancy to the community with temporary structures offering a space to start-up businesses.

We have 10 varied companies operating from Burgess Park, where parking is easy, and they sit alongside our children’s play area. One of these is a Pop Up Shop which will change from week to week.

We anticipate that the containers will move nearer to the neighbourhood centre once the retail is completed in the next three years and that some of these businesses will be able to move to their long-term home.

For more information on the businesses please go to the directory.

New Business Opportunities

We have a growing community in the Cairnhill neighbourhood and there are some exciting opportunities for next retail spaces designed into the neighbourhood centre.

Please contact if any of the following would be of interest to you.