Nourish and glow with The Juicing Co. at The Boxes

Less than a 20 minute drive from Aberdeen city centre, the thriving town of Chapelton provides its residents with an extensive range of beautiful new homes, plentiful green spaces and a bustling town centre. 

In the heart of this vibrant community are The Boxes, temporary retail structures providing start-up businesses with the opportunity to expand their presence. Bringing a refreshing blend of local charm and healthy living to Chapelton, The Juicing Company is the latest addition to The Boxes, offering residents delicious (and nutritious) raw, cold pressed juices. Established in 2017, Founder and Director of The Juicing Co. Vanessa Bremner seized the opportunity to create a company with health and wellbeing at the forefront. 

We sat down with Vanessa to discuss the inspiration behind The Juicing Company, the benefits of cold pressed juices and the inspiration behind opening an establishment in Chapelton’s town centre! 

IMG_8037-1-1024x768 Nourish and glow with The Juicing Co. at The Boxes

What inspired you to establish The Juicing Company and where did your passion for healthy, fresh juice come from?

“My passion began when I saw the difference in my own journey during my time living in Singapore, where I took part in two fitness classes that completely changed my life. I loved learning about nutrition, wholefoods and how we can heal our bodies by using food as medicine. Following this, I threw myself into every nutrition class I could find and changed my entire lifestyle – hunting for every juice bar, raw food cafe and refined, sugar-free treat that Singapore had to offer! 

“Before going to these classes and embarking on my health journey, I suffered from daily fatigue, oily skin, low energy, terrible bloating and stomach pain.  All of these symptoms quickly began to disappear after I overhauled my lifestyle, and started focusing on nourishing my body with fresh whole foods and reducing/eliminating processed foods.

“Honing in on my new-found passion for all things health and wellbeing, my husband and I went on to travel the world – from India to New York, Australia to the Maldives and all over South East Asia – learning more about the local food from each destination. However, after falling pregnant with our first baby in 2015, I returned to Aberdeen and tried to implement our new lifestyle back home, which proved difficult as I struggled to source the same high-quality, healthy foods and raw juice was impossible to find. This inspired me to bring my dream to life and start supplying healthy, cold pressed juices to Aberdeen.

“I took the leap and decided to register The Juicing Co., and everything just seemed to fly from there!” 

What are some of the health benefits people can experience when drinking raw/cold pressed juices?

“Raw, cold pressed juice is an incredible and valuable tool for optimising your health. The juicing process removes the insoluble fibre from the fresh ingredients and produces a pure juice that has come directly from nature – filled with vitamins, minerals and live enzymes!

“Each of our 500ml bottles contains approximately 1kg of fresh produce, and because the insoluble fibre has been removed, the vitamins and minerals within the juice can be absorbed quickly and easily, nourishing your cells and allowing those nutrients to be used exactly where they are needed.

“Incorporating raw, cold pressed juice into your daily diet can provide many health benefits, but consistency is key to seeing long term results. Benefits our clients have reported include clearer and brighter skin, reduced bloating, increased energy, improved sleep and weight loss. Although weight loss isn’t something we focus on, we do have clients who use juicing with their 5:2 etc lifestyles.”

PHOTO-2024-02-25-17-56-45-1-768x1024 Nourish and glow with The Juicing Co. at The Boxes

Why did The Boxes at Chapelton appeal to you when opening The Juicing Company?

“When I was looking to take the next step and open our own juice production kitchen and juicery, an opportunity came up at The Boxes in Chapelton which seemed like the perfect option. A beautiful location with great terms for small businesses and fantastic support from the team at Chapelton was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down.”

What is your favourite thing about being based in Chapelton?

“Working in Chapelton comes with many perks, but my favourite things about the town have to be the lovely community, stunning views and diverse range of wonderful small businesses.”

What kind of products does The Juicing Company offer?

“We offer a wide range of raw, cold pressed juices made to order from our Chapelton Juicery and with nationwide delivery, ranging from powerful Tonic Shots, Fridge Fillers, 3 Day Cleanses and Mini Cleanse. We also plan to open as a ‘grab and go’ juice shop once a month and/or at The Chapelton farmers markets, allowing you to pop in and enjoy all the incredible benefits of juice on the go. All of our juices have been designed with our Nutritionist to ensure you feel your absolute best – so wherever you are on your health journey, we’ve got you covered.”

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