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Chapelton is filled with a thriving array of independent businesses, ranging from luxurious beauty and spa treatments at The Lounge on Quarryline Street to the refined craft beers offered by Devenick Drinks Co at The Boxes. But it’s not just the retail spaces that thrive in the community. A local dynamic duo, Katie and Neil, have cultivated a community-driven approach to health and vitality with their thriving online business, The Carved Group.

To delve into the story behind The Carved Group, we had the opportunity to sit down with co-owner Neil to discuss the journey, services, and aspirations fueling the business, and why the Chapelton community should consider getting involved!

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How did The Carved Group come about, and what inspired its creation?

“Katie started her coaching business, Carved by Carbie, over 10 years ago now and I started mine, Back to Basics Coaching, in 2022. At the start of 2023, we had the brain wave of combining the businesses, and for me to join the business full time, leaving my corporate position – a risk that was definitely worth taking as we have grown from strength to strength since then!

“Katie is studying nursing as she has a passion for helping people which ties in perfectly with our coaching business, as the main aim for us is to change people’s lives for the better.

“We are also both competitive bodybuilders (although we don’t expect clients to be!). We focus 99.9% on lifestyle, and for me, it was not only helping people but also about sharing a passion for training and finding the limit (and beyond). We believe that if you combine the two, results will follow!”

What specific fitness services does The Carved Group offer to its clients?

“We currently offer online coaching which is our busiest service. Our coaching focuses on mental wellbeing, building good habits and routines, fitness and physical performance, and self-belief. We also offer a very limited number of 1:1 sessions at Impact Fitness in Stonehaven, where you get everything included in our online package including one face-to-face session per week with Katie.

“Additionally, we also offer Carved Habitual which is our foundation group course. This is a 6-week course focused purely on habit building and mindset work.”

How does The Carved Group provide support and guidance to clients, especially in an online setting?

“Each client has their own WhatsApp group with both of us, meaning someone is always on hand to support if the client requires it. We also often arrange video calls so we can get some face-to-face time with clients. Every week our clients get in-depth video feedback on their unique coaching plan/tracker which they fill in daily, so no stone is left unturned!”

Why should the Chapelton community get involved with The Carved Group?

“We of course live in Chapelton and work from here. Maybe even one day we will run a boot camp in the village! We offer a selection of services for all fitness levels and we also support local where we can, and I guess it’s nice to have that reciprocated.”

What are your future goals for The Carved Group?

“At the moment we are focusing a lot on growing the online side of the business. Our vision includes a wellbeing and aesthetics clinic, potentially a gym or PT studio, and many other ideas. But we always take things one step at a time and focus our efforts on what we are passionate about, and that’s helping and providing services to help people and make them feel great!”

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

“The hard work! This sounds strange and I think there is a common misconception that being your own boss allows more freedom – it doesn’t! 

“When you are a small but growing business there is no downtime, it’s 24/7. But, it’s incredibly rewarding to see something you work so hard at grow and become recognised in the community. One of our clients, Nicola McGee, is a Chapelton resident and joined The Carved Group as a 1:1 client before moving online to prepare for her wedding. She absolutely loved her experience and couldn’t thank us enough for making her feel amazing on her big day!”

What do you like about living and working in Chapelton?

“I started looking at properties in Chapelton in 2016 and instantly fell in love with how the village felt. It reminded me of a peaceful town of days gone by! Friendly and neighbourly with a strong sense of community, and of course very aesthetically pleasing! 

“It’s close to the city but far enough away to be tranquil, making it the perfect place to live and work. The green areas allow for perfect head space and a welcome break from being buried in a laptop screen. 

“It took 5 years to eventually buy the perfect house for us but we got there in the end and finally moved in spring 2022. We are extremely happy here and looking forward to a good few years here yet.”

In Chapelton’s vibrant landscape, The Carved Group is a hub for wellness and community involvement. Through their personalised coaching, Katie and Neil help people reach their full potential and are dedicated to making lives better, both in Chapelton and beyond.

To learn more, follow Katie and Neil on Instagram: @theee_carbie_barbie and @mr_carved.

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