Meet the Pets: Miniature Schnauzers Bertie and Ralphie

Bertie and Ralphie live in a ZeroC property in Chapelton. Here, they tell us why they’re proud to call the town ‘home’.

What are you favourite things about your home in Chapelton?

Bertie: We love our home in Chapelton. The spacious garden is great for roaming around in during the summer and on colder winter days we like to lie in front of the wood burning stove.

Ralphie: I like being able to lie in the sunlight in my owner’s office. It’s a lovely space for a mid-afternoon nap.

bertie-168x300 Meet the Pets: Miniature Schnauzers Bertie and Ralphie

Do you visit many areas nearby the town?

Ralphie: We’re always out and about. Our owners like taking us for walks in the woodland area close to our house but we also take trips to the beach in Newtonhill and Stonehaven. There are plenty of good sniffing spots there.

Have you met other doggy friends in Chapelton?

Bertie: Chapelton is full of lots of friendly dogs, and cats. We regularly bump into neighbours when out on walks but also all meet up once a week when our dog walker Jenna (Long Dog Walkies) takes us out to play.

ralph-168x300 Meet the Pets: Miniature Schnauzers Bertie and Ralphie

Where is your favourite spot in Chapelton?

Ralphie: Apart from all of the great places to go on walks and our own garden, we like to stop by The Lounge when on a stroll through the town. The very friendly staff always make sure to give us a biscuit and a pat.

Bertie: I love going to Newtonhill beach. We’re able to walk there from our house and the warmer days are great for playing on the beach with our friends.

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