Take a stroll through Chapelton’s charming walkways

Every town starts with a big idea and a carefully crafted masterplan, and for Chapelton, this masterplan was inspired by the sociality seen throughout traditional Scottish towns such as Stonehaven, St. Andrews and Montrose. 

Bringing to life the idea of residents living coherently amongst one another, Chapelton was designed with the purpose of putting the community at the heart of everything. From the placement of the local shops and amenities to the layout of the streets and walkways, each element of the town has been thoughtfully considered to create a desirable community where residents can live, work and play. 

In this blog post, we delve deeper into the significance and role that the design of the walkways play throughout the community in Chapelton, creating a safe space for residents to explore the town and interact with their neighbours…

What is the significance of the path network in Chapelton? 

The landscape and network of streets in Chapelton, structurally underpin the design of the masterplan and have been strategically developed to strengthen the community and social aspect of the town.

Pockets of green space have been dotted throughout Chapelton, offering residents plenty of room to relax and explore, while a network of walkways can be found intertwining around the town, helping to define and link the streets and pathways together. The main purpose of introducing the walkways was to make it easier and safer for residents to travel between the different neighbourhoods and amenities throughout the town, whether that be via a gentle stroll, run or cycle. 

Chapelton_walkways-1-1024x683 Take a stroll through Chapelton's charming walkways

What are the key benefits of the walkable pathways?


Many of the streets and pathways are designed for pedestrian use only including Bunting Place and Rennie Place, making it extremely easy for residents and visitors to explore Chapelton on foot without the need to use a car or hop on public transport to get around the town. 


Having the walkways run across the town helps to strengthen the sense of sociability. Often quieter than the main thoroughfares, the pathways provide the ideal spot for impromptu catch-ups or play areas for children. The informal setting helps to encourage residents to converse with one another and creates a sense of belonging within the community. 


In addition to the pedestrian-only streets, there are also walkways that offer vehicle traffic access for parking and entrance to the garages tucked behind the properties, such as North Bell Rock Lane and Nether Cairnhill Lane. The tactical placement of the walkways helps to keep the main thoroughfares, such as Greenlaw Road, clear and tidy from any obstructions – adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the town. 

Significant care and maintenance have also gone towards transforming the pathways into enjoyable walking routes. From a playful use of colour and materials to deflect vistas and variations in the building lines, each pathway has been thoughtfully designed to catch the attention of those living or visiting the town.

Chapelton_walkways-2-1024x683 Take a stroll through Chapelton's charming walkways

Sense of security

One of the main benefits of the walkways in Chapelton is the sense of security and reassurance that it gives residents. Home to all ages, it has always been important for Chapelton to be recognised as a safe place for children to play and commute to and from school. In order to provide that extra layer of security, many of the homes in Chapelton are specifically positioned to overlook these spaces.

Chapelton_walkways-3-1024x683 Take a stroll through Chapelton's charming walkways

Community events

As Chapelton continues to grow, the walkways to the rear have become much more than just thoroughfares, with residents using the lanes to host events such as street parties filled with friends, family and neighbours – the perfect way to get to know others living in the local area!

Besides this, the famous Chapelton Scarecrow Festival also takes over the streets during the month of August, with wacky and wonderful scarecrow designs dotted throughout the streets, so exploring the lanes is the ideal way to tour the town while admiring the talented work of the community. 

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