How to host the perfect street party

There’s nothing like a street party to get to know your neighbours and instil a sense of community spirit on your own doorstep, all while enjoying the best of the summer weather. Since the official end of The First World War in 1919, street parties have become a uniquely British tradition to mark national days of celebration, with bunting, tea parties and neighbourly banquets becoming key features over the years.

With the Platinum Jubilee coming up on the 5th of June, there’s no better time to organise a street party. To help you get started and inspire the residents of Chapelton, we’ve shared our top tips on how to organise and host the perfect street party for you and your neighbours…

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How to get started with planning your street party

Once you’ve made the decision to host a street party, there are a few important things to consider before you can get the bunting hung up…

  • Ask a few other neighbours if they would like to be involved and agree on a date early on.
  • There should be one or two main coordinators who can make sure everyone is assigned a role in bringing the party together and given something to bring along.
  • Arrange 2-3 informal meetings with other residents on your street to get the planning underway. Make sure that everyone has a part to play in bringing the event together.
  • If any roads require closed off, apply to hold a street party through your local council 4 – 12 weeks in advance. provide useful information on what you need to provide your local council with when organising a street party.

Social media seems like the most obvious way to spread the word but it’s also important to opt for good old fashioned paper invitations when it comes to planning a street party. Not only does this ensure that everyone on your street is included, it may also be required when applying to host your street party through your local council, as promotion through social media may classify this as a public event.

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Getting everyone involved

A memorable street party wouldn’t be possible without everyone coming together for a good time. Giving neighbours and people of all ages a chance to get to know each other is fantastic, especially in a new community like Chapelton.

From the organising and planning, to the cooking and decorations, there are plenty of tasks for everyone to get involved with. A great street party is a collaborative effort, no matter what everyone’s age, skills or interests are. Here are some tips and ideas for making sure everyone on your street can be part of the big day…

  • Get the local children involved with making some simple bunting or paper string decorations.
  • Make sure plenty of seats are set out on the day so elderly residents have a place to sit and enjoy the celebrations.
  • Arrange a baking, crafts competition or a quiz to get people of all ages involved on the day.
  • Host a wheelie bin decoration competition and race.
  • Create a cycle/scooter course, or a mini football game.
  • A competition for the best front garden or decorated front of house.
  • Allow everyone to participate in a way that they will enjoy – perhaps you have a neighbour who is a fantastic baker, or has a family recipe they would love to share with the community? Others may have time to help with setting up on the day.
  • Make sure there is plenty of food and music that will suit everyone on the street.
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How can the residents of Chapelton organise their own street party?

Chapelton’s pedestrianised streets, open garages and green spaces are perfect for holding outdoor parties in the community.

Speak to your neighbours to see if there is an appetite for a street party and find out who can help in bringing the party together.

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