How to Live Life More Outdoors

As a Nation we are certainly guilty of spending too much time indoors. Whether it’s working all day in a stuffy office that we commute to by car, spending evenings catching up on our favourite Netflix show or inviting friends round at the weekend for a dinner party, it’s so easy for us to spend all of our time indoors, especially in bad weather.

Although we can struggle to spend time at one with nature, spending time outdoors is incredibly beneficial for our mental and physical well-being.

To help give you some inspiration on how you can incorporate the great outdoors into your life, we’ve pulled together some top tips below. 

Go for a Walk

A great way to incorporate some outdoor activity into your day is to make the effort to go for a walk in the evenings. With the lighter nights now here, venturing outside will get your step count up and can help you de-stress after a long day at work.

So whether you take a stroll round your neighbourhood, enjoy a country walk or follow a local nature trail, spending just half an hour in the evenings will have an incredible impact on your mind and body.

Outdoor markets

At the weekend it can be tempting to snuggle up indoors with the latest iPlayer box set, however discovering local markets will allow you to wander outside and let you try something new. Look up some markets in your area and take your family or friends to wander round the stalls. Markets are a fantastic way to sample local produce and creates the feeling of being on holiday without leaving the country.

We will be hosting our very own farmers market on Sunday the 21st of July with some fantastic producers from around Aberdeenshire. You can see more information here.

Get Green Fingered

Giving your garden some TLC is another fantastic way to spend time outdoors. Take a trip to your local garden store and pick up some bulbs and seeds, then spend the afternoon planting and sewing them. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you will feel and the sense of achievement when they start to bloom will be great- not to mention your garden will look so bright and colourful.


A lot of people like to exercise in the gym, making the most of specific equipment to complete a workout programme, however taking your workout outside can help you burn more calories and give you an extra dose of vitamin D.

Exercising outdoors helps you work harder as the terrain and environment are constantly changing, meaning you’ll burn more calories than you would on a treadmill or elliptical with the added bonus of fresh air. So why not take some of your workouts out into the open where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while getting in shape?

If you are looking for some fun sporting activities to take part in this summer, why not sign up for the Chapelton 10K or the Chapelton Bike Ride and walk.

Community Street BBQ

Take a leaf out of Chapelton’s book where residents are taking to the streets to make friends with neighbours by hosting community BBQs.

Invite the people living around you and make a plan for music and entertainment, then get everyone to bring a dish along and set out a big table in the street where food can be laid out and shared. This is a fantastic way of getting to know your neighbours while tucking in to some delicious BBQ food.

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