Young Family Find Their Perfect Home in Chapelton

Moving house can be a daunting process but having a team of experienced sales advisors on hand to guide you through every step of the way can make things a lot less intimidating. This was certainly the case for The Smith family who received a friendly and informative service when they bought their home with ZeroC in Chapelton.

Speaking on their experience moving home with ZeroC, Ian Smith said: “We first discovered Chapelton whilst living in Portlethen. When our daughter Frankie was born she didn’t sleep very well, and so we used to get in the car (many a time) and drive to get her to sleep and found ourselves in Chapelton. This got our minds racing and made us want to find out what was available in the area, as we loved it so much.

ZeroC in Chapelton is so different to other developers, you just don’t see houses like the designs in Aberdeen. The houses in this development look traditional, featuring lots of character and great qualities, compared to other new build properties. The layout of the houses suited our family and our needs, and we especially love the wood burning stoves within them.

Our experience with ZeroC was really easy and we were kept in the loop throughout the whole process by Sally and Graeme. Sally, the Sales Advisor was so friendly and the customer service we received was great, from start to finish.

We were in our home on time and ZeroC was kind enough to accommodate us in a rental apartment across from our new home, until it was ready to move in. It was good to also be able to see the amazing progress of the house being finished.

Our home is just perfect and our favourite aspect about it is the kitchen. We love the style and finish produced by Ashley Ann (kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms manufacture) and the great choices of customisation we were able to have. Plus, we love features such as the windows and the garden is lovely too.

We’ve also met a lot of our neighbours since living in our new home and during our stay in the rental apartment.”

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