What to Look for When Buying a Property

Finding the perfect property can be daunting and difficult, especially when you have no idea what you’re looking for or the questions to ask. With various aspects to consider both internally and externally, it can sometimes feel like you’re stabbing in the dark.

To help shed some light we’ve teamed up with the four housebuilders here in Chapelton, giving you an idea of the kinds of things you should be looking out for when buying a new home.


Writing a list is the way forward for Sian Goldie, sales advisor at AJC Homes. Pulling together a list separated into three sections – what you need, what you want and what you could compromise on – helps show what you are looking for in your new home, making it easier to narrow down your search and focus on properties that fit your lifestyle. Priorities change as you view homes but this will keep you focussed on the essentials.


For the team at ZeroC, it’s important to think about value for money. When you look to buy a home, look at the size of the property, the quality of the fixtures and fittings and the dimensions of the room. Many will think a three bedroom property means more space than a two bedroom which isn’t always the case.

Not all three bedroom houses are built alike and they vary considerably in size and price so they suggest having a careful look at the square footage of the home before making up your mind.


The team at Stephen suggest thinking about the development as well as the property itself. If you have a family, think about whether the neighbourhood is child friendly. Consider if the roads feel safe, the streets are well lit and how the area feels to walk around.

They also suggest considering external factors such as how the property looks from the outside, the general quality of the build and the size and shape of the garden. While it’s nice to have some outdoor space, it’s important to think about maintenance and how easy this will be – no one wants to end up with an overgrown space to deal with.

Most importantly, Stephen value a home warranty guarantee such as the National House Builders Council (NHBC) which provides a ten year warranty and insurance on any new build property, essential for when you are buying or selling a home.

Brio Retirement Living

The key things to think about are the accessibility of the property, the quality of the finish and how well it is designed for the future, according to the Brio Retirement Living team.

They find that a home should be suited to making daily life easier and more enjoyable, something that shouldn’t be any different as we age. For the team at Brio Retirement Living, it’s important for homes to utilise intuitive design, smart assisted technology and, features and fittings that can be easily adapted to suit changing mobility so that the home is fit for the future.

Finally, choosing a place to live which offers a real sense of community which is thriving and welcoming for all is important. Destination matters and can really enhance your daily quality of life and help make your new environment feel like a home quickly.

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