The Downsizer’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Smaller Home

Deciding to make the move into a smaller property can be a big step. Although a smaller home has its many benefits such as minimised stress and being more economical, finding the right property to downsize into can be daunting.

As the housing market’s selling season starts this spring, and many begin to think about moving from a family sized property into a new smaller home better suited to a new stage of life, Brio Retirement Living has provided handy steps to follow when downsizing.

Think long term

The idea of downsizing is straightforward enough but when considering a long term plan there’s much more to think about.

Planning for the future, depending on the stage of life, can pose plenty of questions. Would you prefer to be city based or rural? Do you want to be part of a community? What additional support is required? Thinking about these wider factors can make a big difference when considering where to move to and why, often narrowing the list of opportunities to better help with finding the perfect home. 

At developments such as Brio’s Landale Court in Chapelton, supporting facilities and amenities such as 24-hour on-site staff presence, assisted bathroom, a homeowners’ club lounge and the bustling community have proven particularly popular with downsizers keen to settle in the town.

Brio_Chapelton_Showhome-1024x683 The Downsizer’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Smaller Home


Over the years it’s very easy to gather an abundance of possessions. Often, many of these are treasured items which will be kept forever but every house has several unwanted pieces which take up space.

Before the move, spend time deciding what you do and don’t need. It’s the best opportunity to start fresh, clearing out items that haven’t be used or looked at for years. To take the strain out of decluttering follow these tips and tricks:

  • If you don’t use it lose it – broken objects gathering dust or clothes that no longer fit
  • Map out your new space – take a closer look at your new home and storage space available
  • Make the most of it – use online auction sites or gift unwanted items to local charity shops
  • Leave yourself plenty of time – decluttering takes time and sorting through box after box can be a tiring process so pull in friends and family to help
  • Keep the things you really love – part of the joy of decluttering is that forgotten items are often rediscovered

Reap the benefits

You can be forgiven for thinking that ‘downsizing’ or ‘resizing’ can mean compromising on space and lifestyle but the reality is that it opens the door to a realm of new possibilities and opportunities.

The benefits of a smaller home can mean less outgoings so that you can enjoy those experiences you’ve always wanted to, whether it be taking up a new regular hobby or booking a dream holiday, whilst fewer chores mean that you can make the most of every day, leaving plenty of time to spend with friends and loved ones.

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