Take part in our photo competition for the 2024 Chapelton calendar!

We’re excited to announce we’re producing a Chapelton calendar, but we need your help creating it! Each month, we will be hosting a photo competition and the winning image from that month will be featured in our first ever calendar. 

Available for 2024, the calendar will feature entries taken by the community to show off the town and its stunning surroundings. 

To take part, submit your photo by the last day of each month to this Chapelton email address, events@chapeltonnewtown.co.uk

Entries will be judged by expert photographer, Rory Raitt and the winner will be announced by the 7th of the following month.  November and December entries should be submitted by November 7th to allow for printing time before the end of the year.  

Helping ensure you capture the perfect image, Rory has shared his top tips along with some of his example imagery to spark your creativity…

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If you’re using a camera… 

  1. Pay attention to light quality! 

Light can massively impact a photo, but not just its brightness, consider colour temperature too. The warmest light naturally occurs around sunrise and sunset, so if you’re looking for a golden glow, this might be the time to take your shot. 

  1. Compose your photograph carefully

Composition is key! Ever heard of the rule of thirds? It’s an important term in the world of photography. Essentially your image will be broken down into thirds and it encourages you to balance your photos better. Think having everything centred is the best approach? Think again, using the outer thirds makes it look that little bit more natural. 

  1. Check the exposure 

Exposure can dramatically affect the quality of your image. If it’s over-exposed, some parts of the photo may lose sharpness and blend into the background or not be as eye-catching. One of the main advantages of digital photography is the ability to check the photo on the camera’s rear LCD. 

  1. Reduce camera shake 

Having steady support could really elevate your photo to ensure its crisp and clear as well as supporting your composition goals. For those wanting something simple, try using a solid support like a tripod. If you’re becoming increasingly more interested in photography and wanting to test out different lenses and go handheld, you should use shutter speeds. 

  • 50mm lens would need 1/60s shutter speed
  • 100mm lens would need 1/125s shutter speed
  • 200mm lens would need 1/200s shutter speed 

Also bear in mind, if you’re taking an action shot and it’s a fast moving subject, this would require a faster shutter speed compared to photographing a landscape. 

  1. Aperture + focal length + distance from subject 

Aperture refers to light passing through the camera and it can be adjusted to allow more or less light in. The smaller the aperture (such as F1.8), the more your background will be blurred for portraits etc. The larger the aperture (such as F22), the more your background will be in focus, ideal for landscapes. 

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For those of you that will be using your phone’s camera, bear in mind the above, but use the below top tips to maximise quality! 

  1. Lock the focus to ensure your subject is always sharp 
  2. Shoot in portrait mode to blur the background 
  3. Shoot horizontally as well as vertically 
  4. Use the exposure setting, a bright background will cause the foreground to be under exposed 
  5. High Dynamic Range (HDR) can give a dramatic effect, play around with it!
  6. If you’re shooting an action shot, try using the burst mode function 
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We can’t wait to see all your submissions and of course share them on our channels throughout the year!

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