Sustainable Living in 2020

From recycling to upcycling, interest in sustainable living has never been higher. Here in Chapelton we’re keen to play our part and judging by the huge interest in our January Cosy Clothes Swap event you are too.

Moving away from fast fashion is one way we can all maintain a sustainable lifestyle and although most of us like the idea of making our lives that bit greener, it can be hard to know where to start. Here, we’ve put together a list of five simple ways to encourage a sustainable lifestyle, and make your life more environmentally friendly.

Re-use and Recycle

Finding new ways to recycle clothing or household furniture is the first step in creating a sustainable lifestyle. From charity shops to online sellers like eBay, Gumtree and many more there are lots of ways to buy things second hand. This means less energy is used making new products and less of the plastic packaging that often goes with them.

Look to loan

Going one step further than buying used, you might not even need to buy at all. For things that you’re likely to use only a handful of times, like kitchen gadgets, tools for a spot of DIY or books, borrowing might be an option. Before buying it is worth asking friends and family if they have what you’re looking for and if they would be happy to loan it to you.  

Make compost at home

Composting is a good way to make use of any food waste that is produced. It is an easy and environmentally friendly way to make use of what might otherwise end up in landfill. As well as being the best way to deal with food waste it can also help your garden flourish. Chapelton’s community of keen gardeners and allotment group are often on the lookout for fresh and nutritious compost.

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Love local produce

Shopping locally is a great way to live more sustainably. Buying local products has a lower carbon footprint than those flown from all over the world and also supports local businesses. Aberdeenshire is lucky to have a wealth of fantastic food and drink producers on our doorstep. You can find a lot of these in the area’s shops and at our own farmers’ market here in Chapelton.

Stay sustainable with meal prep

There are lots of ways to make your food more sustainable in addition to buying locally. One of the easiest steps is planning meals. Planning meals for the week ahead is an effective way of reducing food waste. It not only helps the environment but also ensures that you’re not spending money on food that ends up in the bin. If you’re looking for meal prep inspiration to encourage a sustainable lifestyle, you can find some of our recipes and ideas here:

Spicy Squash and Apple Soup from the Liberty Kitchen

Foodie Quine’s Banana Strawberry and Honey Muffins

Haggis Lasagne with Bannerman Butcher

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