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After hearing about Chapelton in the press, The Joss family made their move from their previous converted steading near St. Cyrus to Chapelton in 2016. Similarly, having got married at Elsick House in 2019, little did Kelsey and Iain know that months later Chapelton would end up becoming their new place to call home. 

We caught up with both residents to find out how they are settling into life in Chapelton, their favourite features of their home and what they love most about Chapelton and its close proximity to Stonehaven and surrounding towns…

Customer: The Joss Family – Fiona, Kris, Olivia and Lily

Why did you choose to live in Chapelton? What stood out to you most about the location?

“We moved to Chapelton in November 2016 and first found out about it through the press. This led us to taking multiple visits to Anitas, which was a local coffee shop at the time and was located in the first cabin as you entered Chapelton.

“As we drove into Chapelton I was immediately drawn to how beautiful the homes were, with their gorgeous frontages and the well-presented streets. The town has such a lovely traditional feel to it and I just loved how different it looked in comparison to other places I had visited.

“We ultimately chose Chapelton because we fell in love with the town. The beautiful vibe you are presented with as you drive in is so welcoming and we just knew it felt like home.”

What is it like living in Chapelton? What do you love most?

“I enjoy having all the amenities that Chapelton has to offer such as the coffee shops, the boxes, the various walks, the trail and the fact it is within close proximity to surrounding areas including Aberdeen.” 

“My business partner and I own a homeware and gift store in Chapelton called ‘The Omnia’ and we have been open for several of the very popular farmers’ markets that have taken place in Chapelton over the last year. We love being able to showcase our products to the local community!

“We love staying in Chapelton and can’t see ourselves moving from here anytime soon – unless I win the lottery!”

What are your favourite features of your home?

“Before we bought the house, I had a vision of what I wanted in a new home in terms of the layout, how I wanted the space to feel and the functionality. When viewing houses, our current home ticked so many boxes and the entire process was very straightforward. Places for People were fantastic at accommodating us after we moved in. 

“The features that attracted us most were the vaulted ceiling in our kitchen, the wood burning stove and the generously sized enclosed rear garden which gives our daughters plenty of space to explore and play. The living room is another standout feature for me and is definitely my favourite room in the house. It has big windows on two sides allowing for natural light to stream through creating an airy, tranquil and calming atmosphere.”

What would you say to someone who is considering buying a home in Chapelton or near Stonehaven?

“Chapelton has so much to offer, a wonderful community, coffee shops, local businesses, a hairdresser, nursery, country walks, regular transport links and is also very close to surrounding areas such as Newtonhill, Stonehaven and Aberdeen – making this town very appealing in a variety of different ways.”

Customer: Kelsey & Iain Cumming

Why did you choose to live in Chapelton? What stood out to you most about the location?

“In all honesty, we had never really heard of Chapelton until we got married at Elsick House back in 2019. We had gone for a drive around the local area not long after and decided we could both see ourselves living in Chapelton. 

“For being a new build development all the homes just oozed character – something that we really loved! The town just felt so quaint, colourful and like no other housing development we had ever seen before – it immediately stood out to us.”

What is it like living in Chapelton? What do you love most?

“We love living in Chapelton, it’s such a quiet, cheery and friendly place to live. It’s hard to pick what we love most but I think a couple of our favourite things are the community spirit and the abundance of green space around the town. 

“There is also always something going on here in Chapelton, whether it’s comedy nights, Jubilee picnics, farmers markets or even local mums meeting for walks with their little ones and a coffee. We have a small 14 week old baby so having the opportunity to socialise with other parents has been fab for us. It has been one of the main reasons why we have made so many friends within the community. 

“Chapelton offers us the best of both worlds; the sea and coastal town of Stonehaven are on one side of the community while there is lots of beautiful countryside on the other. If you don’t fancy walking too far, there are lots of little green spaces scattered around the town where you can sit and relax – perfect on a warm summer’s day. We often love taking a stroll to the box park to pick up a coffee, then see where we fancy toddling off to that day.”

What are your favourite features of your home?

“Our favourite feature of our Places for People home is definitely the wood burning stove in the living room. Previously when viewing houses, we were constantly pointing out where we could get a stove installed. When we walked into our house for the first time, we were blown away to see that one was already installed, as wood burning stoves are not a typical feature of a new build home. The stove alongside the high ceilings and extremely generous sized room make for a very cosy living space.”

What would you say to someone who is considering buying a home in Chapelton or near Stonehaven?

“If you’re looking to buy a new home in an area that is quiet, friendly and within reach of a range of local amenities, then you definitely wouldn’t regret moving to Chapelton. Although still growing, it really has everything you need roundabout the local area or within driving distance. There are so many new things in the pipeline for Chapelton, it makes us exciting to see what’s coming next (like a pub, woo!). “

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