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Retirement in Chapelton

The place we live effects so much of our lifestyle. After all, homes aren’t just where we sleep, they’re where we relax, where we socialise and where we create memories.

With so much to consider, making a choice about where we want to settle can be overwhelming and unfortunately, it isn’t something that gets any easier with age. So, with that in mind, we’ve pulled together some of Chapleton’s best retirement property options, whether you’re looking to downsize, for a change in space or nearby support.  

What do you need?

These days there are retirement properties to suit all preferences and needs. If you don’t drive and still want to travel for leisure or to see family you might consider proximity to public transport a priority. Likewise, if you have mobility issues then perhaps a ground floor property is a must-have.

Whatever it might be it’s important to think about what things will be most important to you, both now and in the years to come.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a retirement property is what sort of lifestyle you want to lead. If you’re someone who enjoys long walks and quiet nights in with a good book you may well fall in love with a more rural spot. Or if you love being surrounded by people, opt for somewhere with a bustling community and plenty of facilities.  

What does Chapelton have to offer?

If you are looking for retirement properties in Aberdeen, Chapelton has just what you are looking for. Brio Retirement at Landale Court is a community dedicated to improving the quality and experience of later life.

Brio has built retirement living with your needs at heart, whether that be living an independent lifestyle, or with more tailored care if required. Here, there are a selection of new one and two bedroom homes, in the heart of the Chapelton community with plenty of opportunity for socialising, nearby coastal walks and local shops. Homes start at £193,600, with renting options from £850 pcm – ideal for any budget.

Housebuilder Places for People also has excellent options for those looking to stay in a single-storey home, with prices started at £180,000. These cottage apartments are ideal for those looking to slow down in retirement, featuring a modern country charm with a range of desirable features such as open-plan kitchen and dining areas and some with sea views.

Chapelton-house Retirement in Chapelton
Stephen Chapelton, semi-detached bungalow

With a range of housebuilders and styles of home, Chapelton has a variety to suit every lifestyle. Alongside their range of two to four bedroom villas, Perth-based house builder Stephen  have a cosy two bed semi-detached bungalow priced at £230,750. This two bedroom cottage boasts a range of key features such as an open-plan kitchen / dining area, two allocated parking spaces and quiet private garden.

Situated in quiet corners of Chapelton, this cottage style home maintains countryside charm while having links to the wider community, making it the ideal home for those who want to enjoy independent living while being a part of a close-knit community with excellent facilities.

To find out more about the options Chapelton has for those looking to enter retirement, visit the Homes section of our website.

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