Paint it perfect – getting the right shade for your home

Are you looking to introduce some new light and life into your home? As we head into autumn, many of us are looking for inspiration to start a re-decorating project. One of the biggest hurdles is getting started in the first place with so many colours to choose from.

We’re here to give you a helping hand and have listed some of our best paint selection tips, so you can get on with the first coat!

  • Feature your favourites

Your home is a place that is unique and personal to you – it should reflect your personality and style. Whether your favourite colour is duck egg blue or a mustard yellow, there are ways to incorporate this shade into your home décor.

Have a look at paint shades closest to your favourite colour and inject some life into your living space by pairing the shade with pillows, blankets and other home accessories.

  • Match paint to your furniture

If you opt for statement pieces in your home with a pop of colour, you can use neutral shades that help the vibrant items in your house stand out.

It’s also important to consider the size of the room when looking at wall colour. Using a lighter shade in a small room can help to create a bigger space, but using a bold, dark statement wall in a large room can help tie the space together.

Photo-09-02-2021-18-10-04-1-768x1024 Paint it perfect – getting the right shade for your home
Chapelton residents, The Smith Family
  • Bring the outside in

One of the biggest trends in home decoration over the past year has been bringing natural tones to our homes. Having spent so much time inside, we’ve all been looking to experiment with greens, blues and yellows to help create a more natural living space.

Plants are another excellent accessory to help create a relaxing and atmospheric room where you can take a deep breath and foot your feet up at the end of a long day.

  • Do your research

We’ve all found ourselves wandering round the aisles of DIY home stores for hours looking at paint samples and trying to visualise colours in your home. It can be overwhelming and more often than not, a waste of time.

Do your homework before you go to the shop, and have a look for paint samples, room inspiration and paint shades online. Social media sites such as Pinterest can be a lifesaver when it comes to decorating your home. Once you’ve found your perfect inspiration, save it to your phone and take it the store – you’ll be back home and painting in no time. 

paint1 Paint it perfect – getting the right shade for your home
  • Sample

A key step in choosing the right colour for your home is sampling it. This simple step can often be ignored, with many of us buying pots and pots of paint in one shade, only to realise it’s not right when it gets applied it to the walls. Help reduce waste by taking a sample home to try – then you can calculate how much you need for a smooth and successful application. Some brands have adapted to using sticker samples so that you can see if you have a dream match easier than ever before. We love Lick Home’s selection of stickers, perfect for seeing how the colours look at different points throughout the home.

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