Meet the pets of Chapelton!

It’s not just the people living in Chapelton that enjoy the beautiful green spaces and peaceful streets here, the town is also home to a number of pets who love spending their time exploring the nearby trail, meeting fellow friends and even stopping for a quick treat at The Boxes. 

From faithful four-legged companions to beloved fluffy tailed rabbits, as the town continues to grow so does its community of pet residents. 

Here, we caught up with some of the local community to find out more about their pets’ favourite things about Chapelton…

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Pet’s name: Loki & Wade 

Animal type: Dogs

Breed: German Shepherds

Age: Loki is 8 and Wade is 5

Owner’s name: Leanne

“When we first came to view our new home here in Chapelton, the things that stood out were the amount of space inside and that there are a variety of great walks available right on the doorstep. 

“Chapelton is such an idyllic town and is great for families including those who have pets. There are a lot of pedestrian only streets and low traffic around the town which makes our walks very enjoyable. As you enter the town, you’ll find Country Park, which is a fantastic space for letting the dogs stretch their legs and is great for socialising with other dogs. 

“Often we walk to Slate and Grain to stop for a refreshment or we sometimes take a visit to FITS the SCOOP which both the dogs love as they get an occasional ice cream cone treat.

“We also enjoy taking a trip to the Farmers’ Market as it’s very dog friendly with stalls dedicated solely to pets. Additionally, there is a vet close by, where all the staff are super friendly and lovely to deal with.”

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Pet’s names: Daphne and Martha

Animal type: Cat

Breed: Tabby and Maine Coon/ Scottish fold

Ages: Daphne is 7 and Martha is 1

Owner name: Hannah and Chris 

When we were moving, we knew that we needed a home that would have a safe space for our cat, Daphne, to explore. Our house is perfect and the fully enclosed rear garden made us feel secure when we made the decision to get Martha. 

“We felt so lucky when we moved into our new home in Chapelton as, despite not travelling very far, both cats now have lots of peaceful areas to roam.  Often the cats love to sit in the front garden and watch everyone go by, alongside trying to catch birds!”

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Pet’s name: Archie

Animal type: Dog

Breed: Beagle

Age: 15 weeks

Owner name: Sarah

Our Chapelton home is perfect for our new puppy, Archie, who loves to play in the back garden and peek through the fence at the neighbour’s dog.

“Having only recently begun exploring the local area, Archie loves visiting and playing in the fields and parks around Chapelton – there are lots of new smells for him to discover!

 “Chapelton is very dog friendly as it has a good balance of quieter areas which are ideal for puppy training, as well as busier places that allow the dogs to interact with one another.”

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Pet’s name: Ginger and Oreo

Animal type: Rabbits

Breed: Mini Lops

Age: 3.5 months

Owner name: Finlay and Ollie

“Our two rabbits Ginger and Oreo very quickly settled into their home in Chapelton where they have a hutch in our garage which helps to keep them warm. The rabbits also have a run for playing and exercising which has a wooden playhouse inside that they love to jump on top of or chase each other around.

“Recently, the rabbits visited the Croft Nursery in Chapelton where the children and teachers set up an area in the nursery garden where the rabbits could run about, be safely pet by the children and eat some tasty carrot tops.”

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Pet’s name: Tulla & Elka

Animal type: Dogs

Breed: Border Terriers

Age: Tulla is 8 years and Elka is 5 months

“When we first moved to Chapelton the promise of plenty of green space with a focus on walking routes throughout the town was something that attracted us.

“The layout of our home is very accommodating for the dogs, as it has lots of pet-appropriate features such as a utility room which is perfect for when we come back from muddy walks and is great for storing their leads, towels, jackets, food and treats. We use the open plan family area a lot, particularly our older pooch who likes to disappear there when she wants some peace. 

“The patio doors that lead into the garden from our kitchen/family area are also another fantastic feature as it gives the dogs easy access to the garden. Both of our dogs adore the garden as it’s a sun trap where they enjoy sunbathing in various spots throughout the day. 

“It’s also great that Chapelton is growing as we now have more streets to walk around, giving us a longer walking route. Plus it’s nice to see many of our fellow residents and their pets too. Some of our favourite places to walk in the local area include The Chapelton Trail, Pheppie Park and Country Park. Liddell Park is also fantastic for the dogs as they have plenty of room to run and chase each other.” 

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