Looking to move home? Check out these tips from Chapelton’s homebuilders

Purchasing a new build home is an exciting step but the process can sometimes feel overwhelming and knowing where to start can be difficult. 

Each homebuilder at Chapelton is passionate about creating desirable homes that ooze character and charm and is dedicated to helping buyers find their perfect property while helping guide them through the journey. 

To help get you started, we caught up with AJC, Brio Retirement Living, Places for People, Snowdrop and Stephen to find out their top tips and the best questions to ask when buying your dream new home…

AJC-at-Chapelton Looking to move home? Check out these tips from Chapelton's homebuilders
AJC at Chapelton

What questions do you think buyers should be asking when purchasing a new build? 

Stephen – “​​Look at the location! Where you live is just as important as the home itself so make sure to check if the area will also be suitable and meet your needs. For example, asking if there are any local amenities like shops, bus routes and how close the local schools are could impact your buying decision.”

Brio – “To help keep your home and its surroundings looking their best, a new build developer may implement a factor. It’s worth asking about this as it will impact the maintenance of the communal areas. At Brio, our factor covers all gardening, maintenance and cleaning of outdoor and indoor communal areas, buildings insurance and use of our exclusive homeowners areas, so it can be extremely beneficial for residents knowing they have one less thing to think about.” 

Snowdrop –It’s important to ask questions surrounding the warranty cover on any new home. Warranties are essentially insurance policies, giving you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with your property, the housebuilder will cover it. At Snowdrop our homes are covered by NHBC warranties which last for 10 years, but as a housebuilder, we cover any defects within the first two years.” 

What are common misconceptions when purchasing a new build home?

Places for People – “Probably timescale as this could range from what stage you can customise your kitchen to your legal completion date. It’s a conversation we have with clients throughout the buying process but our friendly, experienced team is there to keep you up to date and support you every step of the way.”

Stephen – People assume new builds will be far more expensive when compared to the second hand market. Although on initial inspection the price of most new builds will often be higher, there are many aspects to them that can save you some money. 

“The prices of all our new build properties are fixed. This means no more worrying about being outbid or priced out of the market, a common occurrence right now in the second hand market with demand regularly outstripping supply. Similarly, there’s no need to keep some of your savings aside to make a higher offer, meaning you have a larger deposit for your mortgage.”

AJC – “I think the most common misconception is that all homebuilders are the same. It’s important for purchasers to view different builders to ensure they are making a fully informed decision about which property suits them best. It’s not just a case of seeing one three bedroom detached home and believing they’re all similar, consider aspects such as the shape of the room and the layout of your space, some people prefer open plan styles and some may want a more traditional set up.” 

Brio – “Often, when we’re speaking to potential homeowners, part of their concerns for moving could be a potential lack of community, especially if they have lived in their home for many years. As Brio is a community in itself within Chapelton, our homeowners benefit from things such as our weekly coffee mornings and regular social events which are a great opportunity to meet neighbours and make new friends.”

Brio-at-Chapelton Looking to move home? Check out these tips from Chapelton's homebuilders
Brio at Chapelton

What tips would you give to someone looking to buy a home in Chapelton?

Stephen – “We would definitely recommend visiting our showhome at Chapelton to see our specification and standard of finish of our homes. After visiting the showhome, we always recommend having a walk around Chapelton to get a feel for the town itself. If you have time, why not even pop into the local coffee shop or The Boxes to try out some of Chapelton’s tasty treats.”

Places for People – “It’s so easy to fall in love with Chapelton. We have a strong sense of community and host a selection of events including farmers’ markets, charity bike rides, fun runs and movie nights. We would suggest coming to these events to see if you would enjoy this vibrant lifestyle. With five different developers building a range of styles – there is something for everyone.”

AJC – “For people looking to move to Chapelton, we recommend they follow the social media channels and come and join in with the community events. This would give them a real view of the ethos of the development and community. Additionally, if you have children, dogs or just a free couple of hours to yourself, check out the walks around the development to experience the camaraderie that exists between all of the homeowners and businesses.”

Why is Chapelton a good place to put down roots? 

Snowdrop – “Chapelton is an exciting new town with an impressive design thanks to the world leading urban planners and architects involved. This vibrant town has a picturesque country setting and its focus on community makes it the perfect place to put down roots for any homeowner at any stage of their life.” 

AJC – “From a developers perspective, Chapelton has a unique design as it functions as a stand alone town while also boasting excellent transport routes to Aberdeen city and beyond. The development allows easy access to amenities while retaining the close knit community that is more commonly seen in remote villages. The community ethos that exists is truly unique to anywhere else and is an inspiration for future developments to cultivate a sense of neighbourly values.”

Places-for-people-at-Chapelton Looking to move home? Check out these tips from Chapelton's homebuilders
Places for People at Chapelton

How do buyers find a home to suit their lifestyle? 

Brio – “Make a list of five things you’re looking for from home and make two of them non-negotiables, for example, budget and location. This will help you to narrow down a type of property first, and keep the other three things more flexible. It’s always useful to have an open conversation with the sales advisor as they might have some great ideas.” 

Places for People – “Imagine yourself living in the property. Consider your commute to work, if your future plans work in the new home and what all your financial commitments would be. These are all things to consider before reserving but our experienced team is here to help you pinpoint what might work best for you.”

Snowdrop – “Begin by looking at your finances, then consider your personality and how you enjoy spending your time. Eliminate home styles that don’t support your life now or in the near future. In most cases, your financial resources will limit your choices. This isn’t a bad thing since you have to start narrowing options anyway so it’s an easy starting point.”

Interested in finding your dream home in Chapelton?

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