How to Support Local Businesses

Now more than ever local businesses need support. But with many small companies currently closed due to COVID-19 and others offering a limited service, it can be hard to know what to do that will really help.

The Chapelton community has always been passionate about buying and celebrating local entrepreneurs, from the farmers market to the town’s own Teacake, and nothing is standing in the way of that. Here, we provide some helpful tips on how to continue to help your favourite small businesses.

Continue to purchase

Restaurants, cafes and shops may not be open to walk-in visitors but many are still offering sales. Companies like Bannerman Butcher are delivering meat and pies straight to doorsteps and with orders paid via card online no contact is required.

Likewise, Chapelton favourite Cove Honey Bees is also offering a no contact delivery service, with fresh bread, eggs, potatoes and of course honey available.

Show support online

If there’s a local company that you love then tell your friends about them. Showing support on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram can work wonders for a small business. Tag friends in posts or share posts on your own channels to encourage others to consider buy from local stores.

Buy gift cards

Many restaurants, bars and hotels aren’t open at the moment but we look forward to when they are again in the future. Purchase a voucher online as a gift for someone’s birthday and you can both celebrate together when possible, or purchase for yourself as a treat. This will give you something to look forward to whilst continuing to provide revenue for closed stores and venues.

Enjoy a night in

Weekend take outs haven’t stopped and they’re a great way of celebrating a Friday or Saturday without having to step outside. Take a look online to see which local restaurants are open and available to deliver. Why not encourage your friends to do the same – you can get together virtually on a mobile app and catch up over dinner.

Don’t forget about non-food businesses

When thinking about local businesses food and drink outlets usually come to mind, but there are many others that also need our support. Hairdressers, beauty salons and fitness instructors, to name but a few, are closed for businesses at the moment but often remain active online. You’ll be amazed at who is providing virtual exercise classes that you can join from your home as well as tips on how to look after your skin, hair and wellbeing when day-to-day normality isn’t available.

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