How to create the perfect BBQ

It’s set to be a sunny summer and what better way to celebrate the end of lockdown with a showstopping BBQ?

To get you back into the hosting spirit, we’ve compiled some of the need-to-know barbecue tips and been in touch with Darren Robertson from the Place to Eat for the perfect summer BBQ recipe to impress your friends and family.

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a few months of lovely warm weather, so it’s time to roll out the barbecue, dust off those deck chairs and get sizzling!

Here are top tips for an unforgettable summer BBQ:

BBQ1 How to create the perfect BBQ
  1. Set up your space

When you’re having a barbecue things can get messy, and fast! Make sure your visitors know where to get cutlery, plates and napkins. Having a buffet style set-up can make this process easier, and it also gives your visitors an excellent place to choose their own toppings.

  • Know your guests

Has one of your friends become vegetarian or vegan over lockdown? Make sure you know all of your guests’ dietary requirements so that you can cater to everyone. If you’re stuck for veggie inspiration, why don’t you check out these delicious veggie BBQ recipes.

  • Comfortable eating is a must!

We’ve all experienced having to awkwardly stand and try to eat at the same time, and it can be a challenge. Make sure you have an area for your guests to sit, eat and socialise – preferably at a table. Your evening will be more relaxed and enjoyable.

  • Garden games

Keep the kids happy by having some classic games on hand, such as a football or a Frisbee. This will keep the kids out of your hair while you’re grilling, and can be fun for a post meal activity.

  • Enjoy yourself

While hosting may seem like an effort after large periods at home, it can be a great way to re-connect with the people in your life. When you’re finished with the barbecue, make sure to put your feet up and crack open a nice cool drink.

Need some barbecue recipe inspiration?

Fear not! We’ve spoke to Darren Robertson from the Place to Eat to give you exclusive access to his family’s coveted Munro’s Burgeretto:


  • 9” flour tortilla wraps
  • 4oz handmade steak burger (or your own choice)
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • Fresh sliced red onion
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Sliced tomato
  • Tomato salsa (simply made with fresh tomatoes & basil leaves)

Start by cooking the fresh steak burgers on a hot BBQ – this will take around 4-5 minutes on each side. While they’re cooking, chop up the tomatoes, lettuce and red onion.

Divide the salad, salsa and grated cheddar onto the tortilla wraps. Remove the cooked burgers, slice up and add to the wraps.

Gently fold the tortilla wraps together and enjoy.

wrap How to create the perfect BBQ

Established in 2014, the Place to Eat are a small family food business in the heart of Aberdeenshire. Place to Eat brings quality and value hot and cold snacks ranging from tasty breakfast rolls, to fully cooked Scottish breakfasts! You can also try their yummy steak burgers, chilli beef, stovies, macaroni and much more!

The Place to Eat uses local ingredients and suppliers, and are an active part of the community, supporting local schools and fundraisers.

If you are passing Portlethen Pop, make sure to stop in for a tasty treat!

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