Guide to Relaxation

There’s nothing more important than treating yourself to some ‘me time’ every now and again. Whether you’ve had a hectic week at work, your social life is pulling you in all directions or you’ve been looking after the kids and are in need of some quiet time, it’s essential that you find a few moments to relax and unwind.

We have teamed up with Kelly Daun at popular Chapelton beauty salon The Lounge, to bring you a guide to relaxation at home.

So, next time you feel the daily grind getting to you, put this simple relaxation guide to use and spend some well-deserved time pampering yourself.

Create a Calm Environment

The first step in having the perfect pamper night is to create a relaxing environment that can be your own private little sanctuary while you unwind.

Start by adjusting the lighting. Draw the blinds and turn off any strong artificial lights, opting for soft lamps or fairy lights instead. Candles are a great way to light a room and if you choose a relaxing scent like the ELEMIS Life ELIXIRS sleep scented candle, you will be ready to drift off.

Treat Yourself

The point of a pamper evening is to go out of your way to do something extra for yourself.

That could be soaking in a bath while reading your favourite book or giving yourself a manicure or pedicure.

Spending some extra time giving yourself a facial is a great way to have you feeling and looking fantastic. The Lounge have a range of luxury ELEMIS skincare products available to buy that can be used at home to give yourself a full relaxing facial. 

Alternatively, whip up a home facemask using a quarter of an avocado, a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of honey. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, apply to clean, dry skin and leave on for ten minutes before washing off with warm water and then moisturising as per usual.

Whatever it is that will make you feel your best, do something extra special to treat yourself. 

Get Cosy

Get into something comfy like your favourite pyjamas or loungewear and wrap up in your dressing gown.

Once you’re dressed for the occasion, settle down in a cosy corner that has plenty of comfy cushions and soft blankets that you can nestle in while you watch a light-hearted film or programme.

Make a Pot of Tea

It’s true that there’s very little a cup of tea can’t fix so pop the kettle on and make a pot of warm tea to enjoy.

Choosing a calming tea like camomile or peppermint is a great way to relax your body and mind so you can relax for the evening and enjoy a good night’s sleep when it comes. 

Put Down Your Phone

This one can be tricky for some but putting your phone away is a great way to help you feel less stressed.

We can all find ourselves going down a social media rabbit hole, scrolling mindlessly for hours and feeling quite negative after looking at so many other perfectly curated lives on Instagram or Facebook.

Ignoring social media, noisy group chats or work emails will allow you to concentrate all your energy into giving yourself some self-love.

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