Growing your business in Chapelton: A spotlight on AB Wellness and Reflexology

With an enviable location and a growing community of residents, Chapelton is not only a fantastic place to live, work and play but also offers incredible opportunities for business owners looking to start or expand their ventures in a thriving local community. 

From small startup companies to established businesses, Chapelton caters to the needs of all businesses. The town’s strong sense of community and commitment to sustainable living has helped to create a supportive and collaborative environment for business owners and residents alike. 

In this blog post, we caught up with one of Chapeltons local business owners, Shona Tough, from AB Wellness & Reflexology (AWBR) who tells us more about how she brought her business to Chapelton, what she loves most about working in Chapelton and gives us a sneak peek into her future plans for the business…

Can you tell us a little bit about AB Wellness & Reflexology and what led you to start the business?

“I started AB Wellness and Reflexology as I wanted to provide people with a space where they could sit back, relax and take time purely to themselves without having to worry about the stresses of everyday life – something that many people struggle to do! 

“Not only do I want to position my business as a place where people can go to receive exceptional clinical reflexology treatments, but I also want to build a strong community for people to be a part of – somewhere that people can go to let go of their worries, re-energise and share their wellness tips and tricks with one another. 

“My main goal has always been to make the biggest difference I can for other people’s health and wellness while also promoting the incredible benefits that clinical reflexology has to offer, such as increased mood, improved circulation and reduced anxiety. In particular, I’m very passionate about women’s health and love working with women from all different backgrounds to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

“However, AB Wellness and Reflexology is not exclusive to women as I also work with men and children too. We embrace having a broad range of clients and love welcoming new customers from all walks of life.”

How did your journey begin in Chapelton?

“The pop-up events run at The Box Park in Chapelton were what really sparked my interest in the community and the catalyst for me bringing my business to Chapelton permanently. I started off by attending many of these events alongside other local businesses, with each event selling out very quickly. 

“During the events, I was often approached by multiple people asking when I was next coming back to Chapleton which highlighted the demand for my services in the local area. This encouraged and led me to secure a permanent unit at The Boxes in Chapelton and say goodbye to my previous treatment space in Inverurie, as I knew in my heart that Chapelton was the place I wanted to grow my business in.”

AB-wellness-reflexology-2-819x1024 <strong>Growing your business in Chapelton: A spotlight on AB Wellness and Reflexology</strong>
Image by abwellnessandreflexology via Instagram

What do you love most about working in Chapelton?

“As soon as you drive into Chapleton there is an instant calmness to the community, there are always people walking about the town and plentiful green space which is very refreshing to see. 

“Since starting my pop-ups in Chapelton, I felt very welcomed by the whole community – everyone is really friendly and always willing to offer a helping hand. I also love the ethos of what the Duke and Duchess of Fife are creating with their vision of the town, you can immediately see the attention to detail and thought that has gone into the design of the community, creating a place where people can live, relax and work. It just felt like the perfect fit for me and my business!”

What approach have you taken to build a community dedicated to improving health and wellness?

“As part of my drive and passion towards creating a thriving wellness community, I’ve designed a free weekly wellness newsletter that is distributed every Wednesday to my clients and anyone else looking for tips on how they can improve their own wellbeing. 

“Alongside this, I also publish a new blog article each Wednesday on the ‘touchpoint’ section of the website. This focuses on in-depth content surrounding topics such as how to carve out more me time and the benefits of reflexology for women with health issues – with plenty of more exciting content to come. I ideally want to create a resource hub that people can come to when they are searching for support or inspiration about how to improve their own health.

“I wanted to make sure both of these resources were completely free and accessible to those both inside and outside my client base. My aim with these content pieces is to educate and build a larger community dedicated to improving health and wellness, giving people a place to connect with themselves and others.”

Do you have any exciting future plans for AB Wellness & Reflexology?

“My plans are to create a whole wellness clinic in Chapelton as the town grows and develops, catering for the health and wellbeing needs of the residents and others in the local North-east area. To achieve this, I am keen to bring more therapists and treatments to my unit at The Box Park, and naturally, as the business expands look towards moving into a larger retail unit within the town. 

“Eventually, I hope that our AB Wellness and Reflexology clinic will have therapists specialised in their own field of work – whether that be spiritual meditation or clinical nutrition – helping others to feel the best version of themselves and a place where they can find calm within their busy lives.

“By creating a unified space, members of the community will be able to find all things health and wellness under one roof in our clinic at Chapelton. I truly believe that wellness is three-dimensional focusing on physical, mental and spiritual aspects.”

Are you a local business owner looking to set roots in a thriving Aberdeenshire community? Discover how you can get involved by clicking the link below.

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