Enjoy Geocaching in Chapelton with ZeroC

As we enjoy the longer and warmer days of summer, why not join in the fun of geocaching in Chapelton. 

Thanks to housebuilder ZeroC, the fun pastime is set to be available for residents and visitors alike to make the most of. Here, Alastair Struthers, ZeroC’s Development and Sales Manager for Chapelton, describes what the hobby is and how you can get involved.

What is Geocaching?

Best described as high-tech treasure hunting, geocaching is the outdoor pursuit of finding a small, hidden container using a device equipped with GPS mapping (Global Positioning System).  Participants, known as Geocachers, use coordinates on their GPS devices to hide and seek a waterproof container, which normally contains a logbook to record their discovery as well as a small reward.

Once the geocache has been discovered, players hide the container for future players to discover.

Who can take part?

Geocaching is open to anyone with an interest in the outdoors and a GPS-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s a great family activity involving walking, problem solving and mystery, getting you out and about to explore the beautiful scenery in and around Chapelton.

Where is the Chapelton geocache?

Although its location within Chapelton is top secret, the geocache will soon be stashed within the town for intrepid explorers to find. Inside, there will be a logbook to record your discovery as well as free stickers for those who have discovered it.

Will you be the first person to find the Chapelton geocache?

Be sure to check the Chapelton Facebook and Instagram pages to find out when the Chapelton Geocache goes live.

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