Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter in Chapelton, 12 amazing local artists have designed bespoke eggs for our annual Easter egg hunt.

These beautiful creations are set to brighten up the town and have been made with love and care to make this an Easter for your family to remember.

We got in touch with each artist to find out a little bit more about them, and their egg-cellent creations:

Mhairi McDowall

Mhairi is a textile designer and founder of Paper Houses Design, a textiles studio based in Muchalls.

Her bold patterns are inspired by everyday structures and mid-century modern style.

“Over the past 12 months, my main view has been out to the back garden to colourful buoys against a bumpy white wall and the sea. Through designing the egg pattern I wanted to share these views in a joyous way, hence the bold colours and graphic design.”

See more: https://www.paperhousesdesign.com/

Mhairi-McDowall-768x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Mhairi McDowall with “Buoy”

Jane Jenson

Jane is an illustrator based in Aberdeen and creates work with her beloved biro pen. Her work focuses on Scottish nature and wildlife and is ever evolving.

“Harvey has a grumpy wee tilt to his mouth so I think someone has hidden his carrots!”

See more: https://www.instagram.com/purplejain/

Jane-Jenson-768x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Jane Jenson with “Harvey”

Morag Stevenson

Findon based artist Morag found inspiration for her egg through her many walks on the Chapelton Trail.

“Often lost in my thoughts, I can hear sounds in the trees, whispers, creaking, squeaking and see little shapes in their trunks formed from knots of wood or where branches have broken off. But perhaps these sounds are the whispering and chattering of the fairy folk, and these shapes in the trees are doors and windows? After all, we don’t know everything, and the enchanted woods can be a magical place!”

See more: http://moragstevenson.com/

Morag-Stevenson-709x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Morag Stevenson with “Elsick Woods & The Fairy Folk”

Catriona Yates

Working from her home studio in Aberdeen, Catriona’s art uses a combination of design, colour and technique to produce vibrant and imaginative paintings. Her inspiration comes from nature, wildlife and the beautiful Scottish landscape that is all around her.

See more: https://www.catrionayates.com/

Catriona-Yates-768x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Catriona Yates with “Circles of Gold”

Sam Barnett

Influenced by growing up in the Monymusk countryside, Sam enjoys painting woodland scenes and the birds and wildlife found there. For her Easter artwork, Sam thought it would be fun for children to spot a rabbit hiding in the grass!

See more: https://www.sambarnettart.co.uk/

Sam-Barnett-768x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Sam Barnett

Helen Forrest

An artist based in Fourdon, Helen likes her paintings to leave room for the imagination. In her paintings the figures turn away from you – they look to something outside your range of vision so that you start to make up your own story. Vibrant colour, simple form and a creative use of texture are woven together to give Helen’s paintings their unique quality.

See more: https://helenforrestgallery.co.uk/

Helen-Forrest-672x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Helen Forrest with “The Hunt is On!”

Eilidh MacAskill

Eilidh is a Newtonhill-based painter. She takes inspiration from the plants, patterns and colours of coastal environments, mixing landscape pieces and a semi-abstract style. Her egg has been inspired by walks along the Chapelton Trail, combined with the traditional linear patterns on Easter eggs and the mottled surface of real eggs.

See more: http://eilidhmacart.com/

Eilidh-MacAskill-724x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Eilidh MacAskill with “Chapelton Trail”

Laura Bremner

Laura is a designer, illustrator and printmaker based nearby in Portlethen. She graduated in graphic design and started her own business, Juniper Press, in 2015. Laura’s work has a distinct monochromatic style. She takes inspiration from the intricacies and detail of Scandinavian and Eastern European folk art, using nature and plants as her subject matter.

See more: https://www.instagram.com/juniper_press/

Laura-Bremner-768x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Laura Bremner

Pauline Murray

A graduate of Gray’s School of Art, Pauline has taught art & design for many years. She has exhibited widely throughout Scotland with work in collections both here and abroad. From her studio in Newtonhill, Pauline’s work tends to be landscape based or inspired by the small pond in her back garden. These paintings are usually very colourful and upbeat and her Chapelton egg is indicative of this style.

See more: https://www.facebook.com/paulinemurrayart

Pauline-Murray-768x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Pauline Murray with “Better Days”

Val Thomson

Living in Aberdeen, the North East coastline has a strong influence on Val’s work. She uses acrylic paint to add layers and make marks to reflect the character of this corner of Scotland in her paintings. “Flying Home” is inspired by the sense of belonging Val experiences when standing at the shore.”

See more: https://www.valthomson.com/

Val-Thomson-768x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Val Thomson with “Flying Home”

Karen Hadjitofi

Karen lives and paints from her home in Aberdeen. While taking walks in the local parks and woodlands she gathers images and information for her paintings. She enjoys watching birds fluttering amongst the trees and bushes, particularly when they start to nest.

“These birds came to mind very quickly when thinking about painting my Easter egg and they seemed to be an appropriate subject.”

See more: https://www.karenhadjitofi.com/

Karen-Hadjitofi-679x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Karen Hadjitofi with “Hide and Seek”

Rosy Long

A graduate of Gray’s School of art and based nearby in Muchalls, Rosy is a mixed media artist who enjoys experimenting with new materials and techniques. She works in 2D and 3D using papier-mâché, recycled card and acrylic mirrors. On her egg, Rosy has used collage, including some Victorian scraps to celebrate Eastertime.

See more: http://www.rosy-long.com/

Rosy-Long-665x1024 Easter Egg Hunt
Rosy Long with “Spring Rabbits”

How many can you find in Chapelton? Make sure to send us your pictures of your family on the Chapelton Easter Egg Hunt! Download the map here.

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