Chapelton Residents Share Their Wellbeing at Home Tips

Here in Chapelton, we have been reflecting on the past year in lockdown. It’s remarkable how much our lives have changed in just 12 months, and we’ve become accustomed to staying at home to protect each other and those around us.  

But, it’s important in these difficult times to look after ourselves and our own wellbeing more than ever before. Here, some members of the Chapelton community share how they’ve maintained a routine and positive outlook in the strangest of times.

  1. Have a working day routine

Having a routine that is similar if you were in your normal working environment can be hugely advantageous. Chapelton resident Natalia McLeod has run her business from home for many years and tells us how she maintains a routine:

Wander-and-Graze Chapelton Residents Share Their Wellbeing at Home Tips
Natalia McLeod

“It takes a lot of discipline but I do find that a routine is very useful. We always start our day with a coffee and making a list of tasks that need to be completed and timescales. It’s also important to take breaks and switch off at a reasonable hour to keep your day structured. Just about every day we head out for a walk at lunchtime – we’re lucky that there are plenty of great walks surrounding Chapelton and it always clears our head a little.”

2. Make time for fresh air

Never underestimate the power of fresh air. Chapelton resident Susan Macgregor has been taking full advantage of Chapelton’s unique position between city and country over lockdown:

“I’ve really enjoyed running and walking along the Chapelton trail – and you’ll often see me on a lunchtime cycle exploring the quiet back roads out by Cookney.

“Even further afield, there are lots of options for great walks when you have more time on your hands. I’ve enjoyed going for walks and runs and with the snowfall in February I was able to ski on the forest tracks at Drumtochty Glen, Durris and Countesswells.”  

Resident Lesley Smith agrees: “The benefits of working from home in Chapelton are the beautiful walks we have on our doorstep. I can just nip out at lunchtime to get some fresh air and I’m surrounded by gorgeous countryside.”

Lesley-Smith-683x1024 Chapelton Residents Share Their Wellbeing at Home Tips
Lesley Smith

3. Pick up a new hobby

Life has been fairly monotonous, with some of us falling victim to the repetitive nature of lockdown (work – eat – sleep – repeat!). Susan told us how she has been able to start new hobbies in lockdown to keep her brain active, and how she’s looking to keep them up post-lockdown:

“During the summer when lockdown was a little more relaxed, I went rowing with the Catterline Rowing Club at Stonehaven – exploring the cliffs, birds and sea life. I also took up paddle boarding at Knockburn. My big future plan is to ski to the South Pole and my little future plan is to take a fly-fishing lesson. It’s good to stay positive, hopeful and think big!”

Susan-Mcgregor-skiing Chapelton Residents Share Their Wellbeing at Home Tips
Susan Macgregor

Do you have any wellbeing at home tips you’d like to share? Let us know by sending a message to the Chapelton Facebook page or commenting on a recent post.

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