Chapelton Father’s Day Gift Guide

With the 19th of June fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about ways in which we can show our appreciation for the important men in our lives this Father’s Day. 

To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve pulled together a selection of our favourite products and services, all sourced from local Chapelton businesses! 

From tasty grazing boxes to a variety of impressive gift vouchers – there is sure to be something to put a smile on your dad’s face with our Chapelton Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Wander & Graze 

Treat your dad to some tasty treats from the fantastic Wander & Graze Deli. Based at The Boxes at Chapelton, Wander & Graze offers delicious locally sourced bespoke food platters and charcuterie boxes.

This Father’s Day, Wander & Graze is offering a special gift box for only £35. From delicious cured meats to hand selected cheeses, this delightful treat is sure to be the way to your dad’s heart (and stomach). 

The Father’s Day box is available to order for collection from Friday, 17th of June until Sunday, 19th of June. Wander & Graze – The Deli is located in the centre of Chapelton at The Boxes, alongside other local businesses. 

What’s included in this delicious Father’s Day box?

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Mr Dun Chapelton

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For the dads who take pride in their appearance, why not give them the gift of the ultimate pamper day! Mr Dun Barber in Chapelton is offering vouchers for men’s grooming services this Father’s Day with an exclusive special offer of a free added on service, such as a facial. 

If a voucher doesn’t quite pique your interest then there is also a range of wonderful products to choose from in the salon including hair products, beards oils and colognes. 

Pop along to The Boxes at Chapelton to pick up your gift of choice.

Slate & Grain Brasserie and Bar

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What better way to spend the day than by treating your dad to a delicious meal and drinks from the wonderful Slate & Grain Brasserie and Bar. Whether you are popping in for a fresh cup of coffee or just a quick bite to eat – there are plenty of options to choose from. 

For the dad’s that enjoy a cold crisp pint, Slate and Grain is offering a special Father’s Day promotion of one free beer throughout the day (Sunday, 19th June). There is no better way to spend quality time with your dad than over a couple of drinks and a delicious locally-sourced meal!

Slate & Grain has recently started offering gift vouchers which may be the perfect option for the fathers who enjoy flexibility. 

PT Sessions with Paul Hosie

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For the fitness fanatics, help your dad take his fitness to the next level by buying the ultimate Father’s Day gift of a month block of personal training sessions from Paul Hosie PT.  Whether your dad is a beginner to fitness or an experienced athlete, all training sessions can be tailored to suit his needs. 

There are a range of areas which can be focused on throughout each PT block such as:

  • Boxing or kickboxing
  • Strength training for runners or cyclists
  • Fat loss or muscle building
  • Rehabilitation and injury focused sessions

With a private unit located at The Boxes at Chapelton, each session is very flexible with the option for workouts to be carried out indoors or outdoors – perfect as we head into the warmer months. There is also the opportunity to add on nutrition packages which will be shaped around your dad’s personal preferences and lifestyle. 

Please note that all PT sessions can only be purchased in one month packages:

  • £150 training only
  • £175 training with nutrition


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Father’s Day is the perfect time to give your dad a special gift that he can cherish forever. From beautiful handmade cuff links to superb keyrings, RedRocks offer lots of wonderful keepsake gifts – all for under £20!

With sustainability in mind, RedRocks also offer eco-friendly Father’s Day cards for only £3.50. Made from seed paper, the card can be planted after use and will eventually grow into a beautiful flower – a unique and sustainable way to send some love this Father’s Day. 

To take a closer look, you can visit RedRocks in store at The Boxes at Chapelton. 

The Lounge at Chapelton

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Sit back, relax and enjoy! For the dads that are in need of that extra bit of TLC, The Lounge at Chapelton offers a range of fantastic treatments for men. From luxury pedicures and manicures to stylish trims and massages – your dad will be left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

To get your hands on a gift voucher, visit The Lounge at The Boxes at Chapelton or visit their website

Walk along the Chapelton Trail

If you are on a budget this Father’s Day, then one of the simplest and easiest gifts you can give your dad is spending some quality time with one another. Going on a walk is the perfect way to spend one on one time with your dad while taking in the great outdoors. 

Around Chapelton, there are lots of beautiful walking trails right on your doorstep including the Chapelton Trail. This trail is approximately one hour long and takes you on a 4.5km circular route amongst the incredible woodland scenery and flourishing wildlife. 

Starting at Hume Square, the trail guides you through numerous marked points including Causey Mounth, East Drive, Duke’s Walk, Elsick Burn, Dubbis Stile and Cairnhill Copse. With plenty breathtaking views to admire along the way, this is the ideal way to spend quality time with your dad this Father’s Day. 

To find out more about the wonderful local businesses that are currently located in Chapelton, visit our business directory. 

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