Be productive when working from home this winter

When we started to work from home in March last year we thought it would be a temporary measure. But 10 months on we are still doing everything possible to keep safe and remain indoors to protect our families, neighbours and key workers.

Although working from home has its benefits – a much shorter commute from bed to desk is one that springs to mind – it can be a testing time.

Here in Chapelton, we’ve pulled together some top tips to help you make the most of working from home in 2021.

Make sure you have a dedicated work space

It’s important that while you are working from home you have space to focus. Having a dedicated space helps you switch on at the beginning of the day and get into a productive mindset. A steady and reliable internet connection will help you make the most of virtual catch ups and keep on top of your workload. In Chapelton every home has fibre right into the interior of the home, meaning that residents are able to access the fastest available connectivity.

Set boundaries

With the laptop just a reach away, it can be tempting to work out of hours and answer just one more email. It’s important to set boundaries with colleagues and have clear switch off times so that you can catch up with your family or relax with your favourite hobby. Try and tidy your laptop away in the evenings and weekends so you can make the most of “you” time.

Get outdoors

We know – no-one wants to go outside on a wet and cold winter evening. Try and swap your evening walk for a lunchtime stroll to make sure you are getting some daylight and exercise into your day. The Chapelton trail starts at the heart of the town in Hume Square, and is the ideal length for a run or a good dog walk.

Or.. let the outdoors in!

Add some more greenery to your home this winter and invest in some plants to bring the outdoors to you. Plants can reduce stress and help mental health, as well as giving keen gardeners their green finger fix.

Plan ahead

While there isn’t much to do at the moment, with cafes, restaurants and cinemas closed, having plans with friends or family can make a week of work fly by. Whether that be a socially distanced walk with a friend, a delicious takeaway from Teacake, or a fancy meal on a Saturday night, having something to work towards will help you relax.

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