A Q&A with Chapelton’s running group

Running is one of the simplest and most effective forms of exercise, not only does it benefit your physical health but also your mental health too, helping to release endorphins and improve your cardiovascular fitness. 

Joining a running club is a great way to socialise with like-minded people who share a common interest. Getting outside and running alongside others can be a great mood lifter and give you a much needed energy boost.

In this blog post we caught up with the founder of Chapelton Running Group, Ann Gallon to find out more about the group, her motivation behind starting it and how you can get involved…

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Can you tell us a bit about the Chapelton Running Group?

“We meet every Wednesday at 6.30pm at Hume Square in Chapelton. I like to think we are inclusive for all abilities and each session or group run is tailored to suit most. We are a friendly bunch and always looking to welcome new members to come along and join. 

“Some weeks we do sessions focusing on targeted areas such as speed, hill or pyramids and during the warm summer evenings we often go for group runs. There are some beautiful routes around Chapelton with nice trails and the odd hill. It is a really lovely way to discover Chapelton and gives you a great feel for the surrounding area. 

“In the past our group has been involved in a number of events including treasure hunts and 5K races.” 

How long has the running group been going for?

“The group was created in July 2018, as this was when I created the Facebook Page, it’s amazing to see how much it has grown since day one.”

What was the motivation behind starting the running group and how did it get started?

“When I started running in the area I met so many other runners and after seeing the turn out for the first Chapelton 10K and the overall success of the event, I decided to start a local group.

“It’s a fantastic way for those from the local community to socialise while doing something they love. Particularly if you are having a stressful day, there is no better feeling than being able to go outdoors and take your mind off things.”

How can others from the community or outside Chapelton get involved?

“If you are interested in coming along to one of our sessions or would like to find out more, you can private message me on Facebook or join the Chapelton Running Group Facebook page.

“I usually post on the Facebook page prior to the meet up, indicating what type of session it will be. If it seems like something you would like to get involved in you can turn up at 6:30pm on Wednesday.

“We love to welcome new runners, so come along and join in!” 

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Is the running group open to all abilities, ages, gender etc?

“Definitely, everyone is welcome! Our sessions can be adapted to suit all and there is also no pressure to complete a full session.”

What do you love most about the running group?

“I have made great friends over the last 4 years. We have a fantastic group of people of all different abilities and coming together each week has created an amazing sense of community. We all enjoy a good social run with plenty of chat.”

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Do you have specific goals that you work towards as a group or is it on an individual level?

“Everyone has their own goal that they would like to achieve, it is all down to personal preference. Some of our members are racing fanatics who enjoy competing in races while others don’t race at all. There is never any pressure on anyone to reach a certain level.

“For those that enter races of similar lengths, it is nice to have the opportunity to run at the weekends. It can help people to stay motivated towards achieving their goal and preparing for any of their upcoming races.”

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Do you have any exciting upcoming events or projects?

The Chapelton 10k is not too far away on Sunday 17th July! There is still plenty of time to train so if anyone wants to join us with the intention of doing the race, I am always happy to assist as much as I can.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the Chapelton Running Group, please click here and why not try out our 10-week training plan for the Chapelton 10K?

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