2019 Is a Year Full of Opportunity for Chapelton

As we start a fresh in 2019, the promise of a New Year brings a number of exciting things to Chapelton.

With reports of the property market recovering, a wave of new behavioural trends among homebuyers and a host of events due to arrive in the town, 2019 is set to be a year full of opportunities for Chapelton.

We spoke to the housebuilders in Chapelton to get an idea of what we can look forward to in the next 12 months.

A Recovering Market

Last year in a report on the property market in Aberdeen, Aberdein Considine suggested the initial signs of slight recovery in the housing market after a turbulent period, with investors across the region once again considering purchasing in the Silver City and its surroundings.

In recent State of the City and Annual Review presentations, which gave various professional views and predictions for the market, it was noted that house prices in both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire have been broadly flat, suggesting a ‘bottoming out’ in comparison to the previous years of decline.

Based on the sales figures in Chapelton from the latter point of 2018, our three housebuilders- AJC, Stephen, and ZeroC- are beginning to see an improvement in the market, something that was echoed in Savills Aberdeen and North East Property Winter Market Report, which referenced both an increase in market activity in the second half of 2018 and consistently stable house prices in recent months.

An Attractive Lifestyle

A new year always welcomes new trends in the property market, with different groups of buyers moving to new locations for varying reasons.

Chapelton housebuilder Stephen, a Perth-based company, envisages that living styles will be a strong factor in what attracts people to buying a property in the New Year. Tom Buchanan, Marketing Manager at Stephen, commented: “Increasingly, people are looking for homes that provide more than just a place to stay. They want great local amenities and a lifestyle that offers plenty to see and do.

“People are becoming more aware of health and well-being so for many, they want access to walks and nature giving them a chance to get some fresh air and breathing space.”

Something for Everyone

In the last couple of years, there has been huge demand across the UK for higher-quality homes that better meet the needs and aspirations of retirees, something that is likely to continue into 2019.

Helping to bring more high-quality housing options to the retirement community, Brio Retirement Living is set to open its first retirement community in Chapelton in the spring, delivering a mixture of 94 one and two-bedroom properties at its Landale Court community.

Speaking of the new homes being delivered in Chapelton in 2019, Sally Greenaway, Head of Marketing and Sales at Brio Retirement Living, said: “As well as fantastic, purpose built housing complete with the latest innovative technology, Landale Court will have a whole host of facilities and amenities that will give homeowners everything they need to keep healthy and active.

“Providing homes that have everything homeowners require, as well as places to socialise and keep fit is hugely important to us. We look forward to welcoming new homeowners to Landale Court this spring.”

Additional Homes

In order to meet the demand for homes in the area, experienced property developer ZeroC will be delivering additional three and four bedroom detached homes on Rothesay Street, thanks to newly granted planning permission.

Commenting on the demand for quality housing, Alastair Struthers, Development and Sales Manager at ZeroC, said: “2019 is likely to be an exciting year for ZeroC in Chapelton. As the demand for homes in the town remains steady, we will continue to meet this with a selection of high quality new homes that are both energy efficient and well connected. We’re sure that this will bring a variety of new residents to the town.”

More than Prospective Buyers

It’s not just those looking to purchase property who should be interested in Chapelton in 2019.

A full programme of family fun events and activities being rolled out in coming months has something for the town’s existing residents, as well as those in the neighbouring areas.

With the annual charity bike ride and 10K now in the diary for 2019, as well as a series of new and exciting events taking place, the New Year is sure to see the town continue to grow and the community strengthen.

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