Has Chapelton altered its plans over Transport infrastructure

EDC and the landowners it represents understand their obligations to contribute to road improvements. The law states that they should pay for improvements arising from the traffic caused by the development but not for those needed because of existing traffic or other developments. The Strategic Transport Fund levy that the Council sought to impose through s75 Agreements (which determine developers’ contributions) would have the latter effect and, as a result was found to be unlawful by the Supreme Court.

We are committed to investing in the infrastructure required to support our community and those living around us. In terms of road improvements, these have been determined as part of an impact assessment undertaken by EDC in agreement with, and subsequently approved by, the Council.

Over and above the requirements of the s75 Agreement, EDC has invested over £1m in the new roundabout at Newtonhill and will soon be spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to improve the A90 at Portlethen. We have also built the Park and Choose facility to provide residents with a sustainable alternative to using their car. Most importantly, we expect to provide a new junction on the A90 at a cost of over £12 million required for the next phase of Chapelton.