What Children Want From Their Home

Finding the perfect home is stressful as an adult. Looking for a property in a good location with the right amount of space and close access to local amenities can seem difficult with so many different aspects to consider.

But what if you’re a child? For our little ones, we sometimes forget the nerves or excitement they might feel when leaving the place they have lived to move somewhere new.

To find out what kids want from their dream home, we asked the children of Chapelton to tell us what they look for in a new house.

Chpelton-Allotments-2-1024x637 What Children Want From Their Home

Exploring the Outdoors  

Having space to explore outdoors is something the children frequently value. They love having the chance to play in the garden among plants and nature, so having a place they can do this is important to them.

Daksh-and-Dhruv-Chopra-Aged-4-940x1024 What Children Want From Their Home

Twins Daksh and Dhruv aged four agree:

“We love to go to the playground in Chapelton, it’s got lots of different things and it’s next to our house. We go exploring to where the woods and trees are and we take a ball down with us. We like to play in the garden!”

Luckily for children like Daksh and Dhruv, the homes in Chapelton are all finished with sizable gardens, giving little ones plenty of space to enjoy being out in the sunshine and exploring the great outdoors.

Things to do

Children love to keep busy, so the more activities on offer the better. Whether that’s a play park to meet friends or great local events where they can try something new.

Alex and Lily, both aged seven, tell us:

“I like nature and parks. Chapelton has a park to run about and I feel safe there. And I like events in Chapelton!”


“My favourite thing about Chapelton is the parks because it’s fun to go there with my friends.”

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Three year old Penny agrees:

“My favourite thing about Chapelton is going on my scooter to my nursery and playing with my friends at the sandpit and park.”

The play park in Chapelton has been a great addition to the town this year, giving children a safe space to run around and play. As well as the park, Chapelton’s calendar of family friendly events such as fun runs and farmers markets mean that children will never be bored.

Making Friends

Moving house can often be a daunting time for little ones, especially when they are leaving behind friends from nursery and school, so having a place where they can easily meet lots of new people to play with is something they value.

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Emma age 8 says:
“My favourite thing about Chapelton is that it’s a nice place to explore and make some friends!”

With so many exciting opportunities to make friends in the town and an award-winning nursery school located in the heart of the community, Chapelton is the perfect place for youngest residents to socialise.


Lastly, having a place to learn, make friends and have fun is important to the children of Chapelton.  

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Olivia, age 5 said:

I like everything about Chapelton! I like the shops and how close nursery is to my house and I love our park and my allotment!”

Eliana, age 8 said:
“I love living in Chapelton because we can see the sea from our house, we have a brilliant café with yummy cakes and my little brother loves his nursery.”

The nursery in Chapelton is a fantastic environment for children, with plenty of educational activities to allow them to learn and be creative, all within walking distance from the homes.