Meet the Team: Dominic Fairlie

Dominic Fairlie has been involved with development of Chapelton since 2013 and is currently Director of Scottish Operations for housebuilder ZeroC. Here, Dominic tells us more about his work with the town.

Tell us about your involvement with Chapelton and what your role brings to the town 

I have been involved with the development at Chapelton since 2013.  In my position as Director of Scottish Operations, I have had an active role in all of the work carried out by ZeroC over the years in Chapelton, and this includes building the ZeroC team.  Recently I have taken on the additional task of managing the new custom build offering in the town, which is called

What do you find most exciting about your job?

It is exciting to see how Chapelton progresses. The design of Chapelton is unique for new developments anywhere, and just being involved in it is fascinating and extremely satisfying.

You mentioned that your role focuses on developing custom build in Chapelton? If you were to build your own home, what would it feature?

My wife and I enjoy living in a way that the kitchen, dining area and living room are one single space, so having the ability to choose that is important.  We also like a feeling of the rooms being light and airy, so good window proportions with high ceilings are also a must.

Is there a particular element of the town you are looking forward to seeing develop?

The first neighbourhood centre at Cairnhill will be interesting.  Work is progressing in that direction now, and we should see an increasing density of development, meaning more terraces, flats and commercial properties. Chapelton will not just be a load of detached houses, it will be so different to so much recent new development elsewhere.


What three words do you think best describe Chapelton?

Sustainable, interesting and walkable.