Grow Your Own this Spring

With the longer days now here and the sunshine starting to appear, it’s time to get back into the garden. We may be curtailed for moment to the vicinity of our own homes but that doesn’t stop us being in our own gardens.

Not only will the fresh air do everyone the world of good after being inside for hours but it’s also a way of keeping active, providing entertainment and keeping little ones occupied.

If you have your own gardening equipment then you can get started on removing winter weeds straight away but if you need some supplies then take a look at Cove Bay Nurseries. The local company is delivering to Chapelton, Cove, Portlethen and Newtonhill and offers a range of plants and compost.

Choose from small and large rhododendrons, which are soon to bloom, alpines, perennials and heathers as well as fruits such as rhubarb and strawberry plants.

Here is our guide to planting and growing your own this spring.

Prepare beds

Start your gardening adventure by getting the ground ready for planting. Remove any weeds, trim back branches and choose the sunniest spot to lay beds for planting fruit and vegetables. Try not to get ahead of yourself by spending a day or so completing these jobs before moving on to introducing any plants, shrubs and flowers – it will be worth it in the end.

Be aware of the Scottish weather

The back of seed packs can be very helpful guides as to what to sow and when but are often aimed at an English audience which enjoys a sunnier climate. Here, in the North East of Scotland, any young plants need to be able to survive unforeseen frost, strong winds, rain and even spring snow.

Aim to sow seeds slightly later than advised, with broad beans, beetroots and broccoli recommended for planting in early spring.

Choose what’s best suited

Scotland’s harsh winters and unpredictable summers may prevent growing certain fruit and vegetables but the country’s soil is perfect for a select number of crops.

Soft fruits such as strawberries, potatoes, kale, apples and broad beans are well-suited with herbs and rocket recommended for amateur gardeners. 

Make the most of indoor space

Though a garden is desirable for those looking to grow their own, something as small as a window box can do just the trick.

Make sure that your indoor garden is placed near a window or in a sunny spot and invest in some artificial lighting if you want to be really successful at growing your own inside. Radishes, small greens such as cress, herbs and tomatoes can all be grown and enjoyed indoors.