Get Cosy with Hygge this Autumn

The leaves are beginning to fall and the nights are darkening meaning that autumn is almost here.

For many this is an exciting time of year, full of nights by the fire, cups of hot chocolate and woodland walks amongst colours of burnt orange and deep red.

21731367_766398890197720_2119800023323227097_n-300x200 Get Cosy with Hygge this Autumn

Providing plenty of cosy inspiration is the popular Danish trend of hygge. Pronounced “hoo-guh’, the term has no direct translation into English but does derive from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term hugga which means to ‘comfort’ or to ‘console’ and is related to the English word ‘hug’.

Embracing the trend, Chapelton has provided the ultimate hygge checklist helping you to make your home cosy this autumn.

Create a Cosy Snug

One of the first rules in the Hygge book is to get cosy. Create a warm and comfortable spot in your home that can be enjoyed with family and friends, or just yourself.

This is often a corner of a living room or nook of a bedroom where layers of cushions and throws can be added to create a retreat of peace and quiet. Snuggle in with a good book, cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a little time away from everyday life.

book-2179211_1920-300x199 Get Cosy with Hygge this Autumn

Light More Candles

The Danes light more candles per head than anywhere else in Europe, according to Culture Trip. The warm glow of simple candles create a cosy and intimate atmosphere that helps the eyes relax from artificial lighting and the mind switch-off.

Dim any lighting in your living room or bedroom and add plenty of white, unscented candles to your hygge snug.

Get Rid of Clutter

Organisation is a key element for feeling relaxed and banishing clutter is one of the best ways to start.

Embrace hygge by investing in clever storage solutions that hide unwanted mess such as clothing, paperwork or stationery to create a serene space that you’ll want to enjoy.

socks-1906060_1920-300x200 Get Cosy with Hygge this Autumn

Photo of CSG socks

Enjoy Treasured Memories

Hygge is all about an environment full of happiness. Add token yet creative displays of family pictures to your hygge space to remind you of happy times.

These can be small prints and paintings, photographs or memorabilia displayed in a simple yet effective way.


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