Work on pipeline connections – July and August

July 10, 2014

Next week, contractors WM Donald will begin work on the northern section of a pipe that will take the sewerage 4km to the existing main at Bourtreebush.

In response to some concerns expressed by local residents, EDC can confirm the following:

• The works will be completed in September and there will be a 2-3 week road closure at Compulsion Lodge on the Portlethen to Lairhillock road from 21st July. Notification has been given by the Council.
• This will also involve the closure of the road by Cammachmore, just to the west of the Causeymounth, from 14th July and will last a week.
• There will be no disruption to traffic on the A90 as the pipe is being laid underneath the road.
• There will be no compound at Bourtreebush.
• The route and point of connection has been designed in collaboration with and with the approval of Scottish Water and represents the most efficient and least disruptive route.
• There is capacity for the additional foul sewerage with no impact on existing communities.
• We are aware of the flood prevention works being undertaken by the Council and our contractor is liaising directly with them. There will be no impact on these works.

EDC is also aware of residents concerns that the additional sewerage from Chapelton may in some way worsen existing flooding in the area, which has seen storm water enter the system and cause sewerage to back-up.

This will not be the case. Indeed, we have alerted residents to the fact that storm water should not be entering the sewer at all. The system should be sealed and we understand that Scottish Water is talking directly to residents to remedy this fault and ensure that previous problems are not repeated.