Vision for Health at Chapelton

November 20, 2012

Elsick Development Company (EDC) is committed to ensuring that primary health care facilities, including GP surgeries, dentists and pharmacy outlets, can all be provided within Chapelton to meet the needs of the new community.

EDC wants to ensure that these important services can be provided within Chapelton for the benefit of its residents and so that no additional burden is placed on existing services. To that end, discussions have taken place with Portlethen Medical Centre and NHS Grampian to determine appropriate phasing and specific requirements. For instance, there will be appropriate space available for a small doctor’s surgery within the first phase of Chapelton.

This supports the broader strategy EDC has in relation to the delivery of health services as the town grows; the provision of neighbourhood-based facilities until they can be brought together in a purpose-built medical centre, for which a site in the town centre has already been identified.
Longer term, the Council will be allocating sites to accommodate additional homes in support of the targets within the Strategic Development Plan for the City and Shire. The exact location of these additional homes will not be confirmed until that review takes place, but we hope to accommodate an additional 4-5,000 homes at Chapelton and our Masterplan has allowed for that. This will make better use of the infrastructure we are already proposing to build in respect of the first 4,000, but will also mean that Chapelton is able to support a wider range of facilities and services.