Final Plans Delivered for Chapelton

September 27, 2012

– Further Information Report Submitted –

Final plans have been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council today (Thursday 27th September) by developers behind Scotland’s largest planned new town, ten miles south of Aberdeen.

Following the initial planning submission in September 2011, the Elsick Development Company (EDC) has undertaken extensive consultation with the local community, statutory agencies and developers to refine the masterplan for Chapelton, in particular the detailed design for the first phase of the site incorporating 802 homes.

This process has resulted in a number of amendments to the scheme and additional supporting technical, environmental and design information. The principle change to the masterplan concerns the design of the proposed junction at Bourtreebush. In response to feedback from local residents an underpass rather than an overpass has been recommended.

The Further Information Report (FIR) outlines detailed changes for the first phase at Cairnhill, which include:

  • Layout and Street Design – refinements to the distribution of houses, particulars of landscaping schemes, car parking arrangements and a reduction in the amount of commercial floorspace proposed for the neighbourhood centre
  • House Types – after discussion with housebuilders some detailed changes were made to the proposed house types to reflect requirements of the local housing market
  • Public Transport – a mini bus link from the neighbourhood centre and a ‘park and choose’ facility will be built during the initial stages of the development. This is expected to be served by all existing bus services travelling along the A90

The FIR is the final stage in the development process and brings Scotland’s newest town a step closer. Chapelton recently received Council approval for the Development Framework and the first phase of the masterplan for the new 4,045 home community.

Lord Southesk, director of EDC, said: “As part of the extensive consultation a number of important issues have been raised, which we have reviewed and worked hard to address. We have been very careful to ensure that the scheme and design refinements respect the concerns of those living within the surrounding area as well as the overarching vision for Chapelton: both are integral to building a new sustainable community for Scotland.

“Today’s submission marks a major milestone in the development’s progress and we hope that councillors will be able to review the FIR at the Aberdeenshire planning committee meeting in November.”

Chapelton will include industrial and business development, within the site and on land adjacent to Newtonhill, and is estimated to generate approximately 8,000 jobs.

The proposed town will offer a return to a community-based style of living which will provide a more pedestrian friendly, mixed-use environment for residents. From an extensive range of homes and schools through to a well-planned town centre and green space, developers aim to deliver a new sustainable community on a highly significant scale.

The long term masterplan includes a total of seven neighbourhoods on the 2,000 acre site, creating the potential for 8,000 homes, which would make it Scotland’s largest new settlement for a generation.

Construction of the first phase of the town is hoped to start in Spring 2013. For more information visit

These images highlight how the proposals and design of Chapelton have evolved and developed over time.