Final Phase 1 plans unveiled at Exhibition

August 29, 2012

EDC have hosted an exhibition at Cookney Hall, to offer members of the community a look at the revised plans for Chapelton, soon to be included in a Further Information Report to Aberdeenshire Council. These revised plans for Chapelton include:

  • Amended plans and designs addressing transport and infrastructure requirements
  • New images of house types and street scenes
  • Updated planning submission for the first phase of development

Throughout the Chapelton design process, 5,000 people have been consulted including community members, statutory agencies and developers. in order to refine the masterplan for Chapelton and in particular the detailed design for the first phase of the site.

The exhibition follows the recent Council approval of the Development Framework and the first phase of the masterplan for the new 4,045 home community, 10 miles south of Aberdeen. Plans were lodged with Aberdeenshire Coucil in September last year along with detailed plans for the first phase of 802 homes.

For those unable to attend, the exhibition boards will be available online following the exhibition.