Chapelton builds support as Local Plan Develops

August 29, 2012

Plans for Scotland’s new £1billion town have been given the green light by a Public Inquiry, which examined the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan (LDP). This was carried out by the Government’s Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA).

The recommendations have now been approved by councillors at today’s (20 March 2012) Kincardine & Mearns Area Committee meeting.

Chapelton will play a major role within the LDP because of the project’s scale and vision over the next 11 years. Outline plans for the new 4,000 home community, 10 miles south of Aberdeen, were lodged with Aberdeenshire Council at the end of last year along with full plans for the first phase of 800 homes.

Lord Southesk, director of the Elsick Development Company, said: “I am delighted that the Reporters have endorsed Aberdeenshire Council’s plan in respect of the allocation at Elsick and to do so in such positive terms is extremely gratifying.”

“This encouraging response from the Reporters and from councillors at today’s committee meeting enables EDC to continue with the work needed to bring our plans into action as quickly as possible. Amongst other things, we have had a series of meetings with a number of house builders and housing associations, who understand what we are trying to achieve at Chapelton.”

Chapelton will include industrial and business development within the site and on land adjacent to Newtonhill and is estimated to generate approximately 8,200 jobs.

Striking new images of the Chapelton property types including lively street scenes have also been unveiled this week. The pictures demonstrate the new style of living that will be central to building a vibrant new community in the north east of Scotland. From an extensive range of homes and schools through to a well-planned town centre and green space, developers aim to deliver a new sustainable community on a highly significant scale.

The long term masterplan includes a total of seven neighbourhoods on the 2,000 acre site, creating a potential for 8,000 homes eventually, which would make it Scotland’s largest new settlement for a generation.

EDC has conducted extensive community consultations which have involved approximately 5000 people over the last two years. The process allowed the community to work with a world-class design team to develop the masterplan at a ten-day public charrette in 2010.

The recommendations have now been presented to Aberdeenshire Council for review before final adoption of the plan at the end of April. If approval is granted, the Elsick Development Company hopes to start work on the first phase, Cairnhill, in 2013.