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Elsick Development Company (“EDC”) was set up by the Earl of Southesk to promote the development of 634 hectares of land, owned by his father, the Duke of Fife, and a further 204 hectares owned by neighbouring farmers. The company’s objective is to deliver the new town of Chapelton, ensuring that results are consistent with the town’s masterplan. EDC began by seeking planning permission on a phased basis for the site, including outline permission for the first 4,045 houses and detailed permission for the first 802 houses. EDC will then manage the infrastructure construction and sell serviced plots to a small number of house-building companies. EDC will also have an overall marketing responsibility for the town, working with the house builders to help to sell properties through the promotion of the town itself.

EDC has assembled an experienced team of professionals to advance Chapelton through design, planning, consultation and construction. These specialists, including both local and international companies, have assisted with legal negotiations, the design process, the planning applications and the public relations required for this major ‘new-town’ scheme. Over the long term, EDC will work with the local Community Interest Company to guide the town’s long-term development by promoting community events, encouraging retail development and fostering community-led initiatives.

EDC is led by director David Fife, a qualified accountant with extensive land management experience from his role at the helm of Southesk Estates, a 2,800 Ha agricultural estate in Angus. Following a law degree at the University of Cambridge, David worked in corporate finance at London stockbroker Cazenove & Co. before moving to Angus where he qualified as a chartered accountant and practiced with Reeves & Neylan (now EQ Accountants LLP). He also holds an MBA from Edinburgh University and a land management diploma from the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.

His wife, and EDC co-director, Caroline has a modern languages degree from Exeter University and a background in PR, having worked for Carl Byoir and Ogilvy & Mather in London and freelance in Scotland.
David inherited the Fife title from his father when he died in 2015.