ZeroC is a specialist builder of homes and mixed use developments. A property built by ZeroC is at the forefront of cost effective sustainable development whilst respecting the environment in which it will be a part for many years to come. ZeroC’s homes have space standards that make it enjoyable for people to live. For example, a 3 bedroom house by ZeroC is about the same size as a 4 bedroom house built by a volume house builder. These differences mean that a new home built by ZeroC will appeal to a much wider range of buyers, often to people who have never before considered buying a new property.

ZeroC has its headquarters at Poundbury near Dorchester. The company develops across the whole of the UK and is resourced to deliver some 300 homes and commercial buildings a year. In recent years ZeroC has received many national building awards for its developments – often relating to the sensitivity shown to the surrounding area but also for achieving high environmental standards.

ZeroC is equally comfortable with building both new properties that follow and respect traditional architecture and those that test the bounds of modern contemporary design. Our passion is to create great places – we will always seek to build the right property in the right place.

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