Meet the Resident: Lara Hutton, ZeroC Property Owner

Having lived in Old Aberdeen for a few years, Lara Hutton and her partner were keen for their next move to be to a property that boasted just as much character as the quaint area of the city. However, with everyday benefits of a modern home also a necessity, the couple were torn between choosing attractive aesthetics or practicality.

After a short time researching the market, Lara stumbled upon Chapelton.

Lara commented: “We had never been a fan of typical new build properties and so had completely wiped any new developments off of our list. However, as soon as we visited Chapelton we knew the town had something different to offer.

“After seeing the sign for the town on the A90 we decided to visit and were quickly drawn to everything that sets the development apart from others in the area. We loved everything from the mix of properties finished with individual features such as coloured doors and wooden fencing to the cobbled streets and traditional lighting. The town felt like somewhere that had been there for years yet offered everything practical we wanted in a new build home.

“We chose our three-bedroom ZeroC home and moved in just before Christmas. Everything in the property has been thought out so well and we no longer have the headache of aspects of an older property that used to keep us up at night.

“It feels like living in a country village, yet with facilities on our doorstep, and the city centre just a short drive away, we still have the convenience that we had when we lived in Old Aberdeen. There’s been no compromise on location or the property and we still have the lovely aesthetics that we very much love.”


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