Plans from Open Day April 2016

The first iteration for a hotel with 32 rooms on site 1 of the phasing plan

An updated design with a smaller bar/pub and apartments above

A proposed idea for a retirement village with 82 individual homes, central facilities and fantastic views.

An idea for

The plan for the Wolrige Gardens area amended to incorporatee 20 bungalows by Stephen with an occupation date early next year.

AJC have also single storey within this plan of 11b a convenient location further into Cairnhill. The design is being worked on prior to planning.

ZeroC are preparing the site for a combination of apartments, semi detached and terraced buildings with fronts on this green pedestrian walkway

Stephen will continue with this small formal park setting opposite Black Street

Five family houses have already been sold around this park affording a safe play area for children.

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